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Weekend fun

A list of things you can do on the weekend that doesn’t involve sitting at a café or restaurant

Weekend fun

Doing nothing on the weekend might sound appealing, especially after a hectic work week. But finding some fun things to do can help you bond with family and friends while ensuring that by Monday morning you are refreshed and recharged. So, what can you do to make your weekend fun and memorable? We’ve curated a list of ideas for you to get started.

Paint a masterpiece

Art can be intimidating, and with that many of us never pick up a paintbrush. But it’s not that difficult. The idea is to have fun. The House of Palettes is a painting studio in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur that lets you sip on wine and cocktails while you work on your masterpiece. Don’t fret, there are experts to help you. Quite a few other restaurants occasionally hold ‘paint and sip’ sessions and promote the event through social media. Alternatively, you can also buy some paint and canvas and have a go at it at home too.

Host a movie night

Whether it is rewatching a movie you loved as a child or finally watching Squid Games on Netflix, a movie night can be a lot of fun and wholesome too. Invite some friends over, get a big tub of popcorn, and watch something you know you will all enjoy. There is something special about spending Saturday surrounded by your loved ones while watching something that feels nice and nostalgic. We recommend ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and ‘Matilda’.

Go on a food tour

We are all guilty of eating the same thing. We often go to the same restaurants whenever we eat out. So, spend a Saturday doing something different. Make it a point to sample a new cuisine or go to a new place and try the local food there. The Durbar Squares, especially Patan and Bhaktapur, have many small eateries that serve great local delicacies. Be a tourist in your own town and indulge in some good food while you explore the place.

Plant a garden

Most garden DIY projects can be completed in just one weekend. If you have a small patch of land or a balcony area, look into ways you can create a small garden. Buy some pots, paint them, and plant some seasonal flowers. They look great and will beautify your home with minimal effort. You can ask your spouse or sibling to help and make it a family affair. You can also go plant hunting and visit a few local nurseries. You can make a garden box or plant an herb garden if you don’t have much room.

Have a spa day

Doesn’t a relaxing day at the spa sound like just the thing you need after a long, tiring week? Book a massage for yourself and your partner. You can also opt for a staycation at one of the many hotels in and around Kathmandu and pamper yourself with the many facilities at the spa there. A hot oil head massage followed by a whole-body deep tissue massage and a sauna session might be just what you need to feel like you have got this.

Play some board games

Board games aren’t just for children as most people falsely seem to believe. Games like ‘Sequence’, ‘Stratego’, ‘Scrabble’, ‘Go’, ‘Battleship’, and ‘Monopoly’ among others can be a lot of fun as well as help keep your mind sharp. Or when was the last time you put together a jigsaw puzzle? You get some cool 500- or 1000-piece puzzles these days. It might take you more than a single weekend to put it together but the effort will be worth it.

Visit the farmer’s market

No matter where you are, chances are you won’t be too far from a farmer’s market. They are indeed all the rage right now. And there is so much to explore in one. You can enjoy a taste of the freshest produce, source high-quality food that you won’t get at a supermarket, as well as hang out with family and friends. It’s almost like a picnic of sorts. What’s great is that there is usually no entry fee and you can probably snag a few free samples—of coffees and self-care products—too.

Organize your digital data

We have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on our phones. We have scanned important documents but we need to scroll through a lot of random pictures to get to them. Additionally, there are all these notes and photos in an old shoebox somewhere—you know you’d be heartbroken if you lost that black and white photo of your grandparents or that card your best friend gave you when you were in school. So set aside a weekend to scan and save your photos and memorabilia and organize them properly in your digital storage space. It will send you on a trip down memory lane and also make it easier for you to find that citizenship when you need it.