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A haven for your furry friends

A haven for your furry friends

I adopted my furry friends Tango, a boxer, and Poco, a pug, when they were just a month old. They have been an inseparable part of my family ever since they joined us some three and half years ago. They live indoors with us and share the same living spaces, from sofa to bed and chairs to rugs.

They understand and follow roughly what we cue and we also respond to their requests. I often realize that my house provides enough space for movement of the square sized Pug that prefers gobbling meat and rice more than its body should have. Despite my careful diet plan and feeding, it has gained weight lately. 

Tango, on the other hand, is agile and athletic. But he does not get the chance to fully express his trait. I play with him in the veranda, top terrace and sometimes make him run up and down the stairs. Still, he is full of energy. He should be running acres of ground, jump high, squat, circle and show his crazy bodily movements. I thought of a such a place where I can take them where they can run, move around, socialize and relax. A year ago I took Tango and Poco to a dog shelter called Dogtor’s Kennel in Banepa. It was a pretty long journey and I was hesitant at first, particularly at the expense of the pug who suffers a lot when going on a long ride.

Searching for a similar place took us to Wags N. Tails, a dog restaurant, a first of its kind in Nepal. Located just a few kilometers from Ekantakuna ring road, Wags N. Tails was an amazing place for my dogs. Ever since I found the place, I have already taken my dogs there a couple of times. They have ample parking space and the property is beautifully located, slightly far from the neighborhood and well fenced to ensure the safety of animals.

My dogs took some time to be familiar with the environment as there were many dogs and with them, their owners. But it didn’t take long for Tango and Poco to become sociable. My dogs had two ropanis of area to run and jump around for a few hours. 

I conversed with the managing director of Wags N. Tails, Bishal Sherchan, regarding his business. An avid dog lover, Sherchan grew up with pet dogs.

“Having raised a few dogs, I have recollected my own experiences. As a dog owner, I could not take them outside with myself. They are emotionally attached and raised as a family member. And when you have to arrange a sitter to look after them while you go outside, it feels bad and unpleasant,” he says.

Realizing there were no dog-friendly spaces, Sherchan decided to make one. During his research, he found that dog restaurants and cafes are common in Europe and are found in almost all large cities of China and India as well.

So Sherchan decided to take the land on lease and start a dog restaurant.

“The entire property is fenced which avoids the dogs jumping off and running away. There is a mini gate in the entrance for the safety of my own pets as well as the visitors’ pets.” says Sherchan.“The location is suitable as it is not too far and not too near from the residential area.” 

Wags N. Tails has more than enough area for the visitor dogs to play and run around. It also has a small heart-shaped swimming pool for the dogs to beat the summer heat. 

Sherchan now plans to expand the area of his dog restaurant by annexing the neighboring land. 

Asked if dog restaurants should be opened in other places, Sherchan gives a resounding yes.

“Definitely, such a concept can be materialized in different cities and towns as the dog owners can take to the nearby places and save time,” he says. “I think the business prospect of a dog restaurant is huge in Nepal. It can be a great place for dog owners and their dogs to spend quality time.”  Sherchan has carved a business niche for himself and he wants others to follow suit. 

Talking about the fulfillment of running such dog restaurants, Sherchan says that dog owners can spend quality time and at the same time let their dogs spend the same. “I can see the happiness and joy in the faces of the dog owners as they can see similar happiness and excitement in the faces of their fur friends”, Sherchan said. He added, “We also have a dog food menu where the owners can choose items for their dogs.” Besides that, there is also a beautiful restaurant for dog owners where they can savor their taste and fill in their hunger. Taking one’s dog can develop socialization skills in them for they can meet varieties of dogs and make friends.

Bishal Sherchan has carved a niche for dog restaurants in Nepal. The challenges also follow along with the prospects but I realize such businesses have potential to grow, for there are only a handful of destinations you can take your fur friends outside with yourself.