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The one habit that you wish to cultivate

The one habit that you wish to cultivate

In the pursuit of personal growth and development, there’s often a virtue or habit that individuals aspire to cultivate. Whether it’s resilience, kindness, mindfulness, or any other quality, this intentional focus serves as a compass for navigating life’s journey. ApEx talked to three people about the specific virtues or habits they wish to cultivate and the underlying motivations behind their choices.

Prabesh Shrestha, 22

Resilience is like having a strong, flexible thread running through the tapestry of our lives. This thread helps us deal with tough situations, acting as a guide to navigate obstacles. Resilience is more than just surviving challenges. It’s about learning from them and emerging even stronger. It’s the inner power that allows us to bounce back from difficulties with determination and courage.

Imagine resilience as a compass that points us in the right direction during life’s ups and downs. Instead of just enduring problems, it enables us to adapt, grow, and find meaning in every twist and turn of our journey. Building resilience is a bit like discovering our inner superpower. It involves learning from our experiences, gaining wisdom, and finding significance in every part of our lives.

So, when we face challenges, resilience encourages us to approach them with a positive attitude. It’s like a tool that helps us not only survive but thrive, growing wiser with each obstacle we overcome. 

Shreeya Shakya, 22 

Aspiring to cultivate emotional well-being involves a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion. It’s akin to developing a deep understanding of oneself and extending kindness to one’s own feelings. Taking steps towards emotional well-being includes adopting strategies to effectively manage stress and navigate challenges, such as incorporating mindfulness practices into daily life.

Building and nurturing positive relationships become integral to this pursuit. Having a supportive network where one can freely express emotions and share moments of joy contributes significantly to emotional well-being. This involves not only communicating during tough times but also celebrating good ones together.

Prioritizing mental and emotional health in decision-making is a crucial aspect of fostering emotional well-being. This might involve making choices that align with personal values, setting boundaries, and recognizing when self-care is necessary. By consciously making these choices, individuals create a foundation for a happier and more balanced life, where emotional well-being becomes a central pillar supporting overall health and fulfillment.

Anjila Bhattarai, 21

The one virtue I wish to cultivate in life is kindness. Every time I go to Pashupatinath temple, mostly to see the aarati, I end up witnessing cremations as well. Just like that, people are gone. But it’s so surprising to me that despite the fragility of life, we don’t stop pointlessly competing and complaining. People are killing one another because of hunger, and abuse of power and authority. The greediness, jealousy, and pride we carry are nothing but an illusion of our minds that nurtures our ego.

It’s very important for us to spread a little bit of kindness whenever possible as we never know what the other person is going through. Practicing kindness is good for your mental well-being too. Death is the ultimate truth and so it’s important to live well. And if you can be responsible for someone else’s smiles or happiness, there is nothing better than that. For that reason, I’d like to choose kindness over everything else. I would also want to be talked about and remembered as someone who was nice to people and animals as well.

Muhammad Ali is believed to have said that service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. This statement really hits home with me and I want to live by it.