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COP28: Our preparations started late

COP28: Our preparations started late

I believe our preparations for COP28 started rather late. Early spadework would have given us ample time to engage every stakeholder, not just officials but also individuals from every corner of Nepal. Still, we have a golden opportunity to raise the concerns of our people on the global stage.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to shift our focus toward issues that have received less attention. For several years, we have been discussing similar topics without delving into less-highlighted concerns.

Another crucial aspect to note is that COP isn’t a platform to solicit funds or assistance. There isn’t anyone positioned to provide such aid. COP, in its full form, emphasizes this as well—it’s a conference of parties meant for discussing global climate issues.

It’s important to acknowledge that our efforts to address climate issues are commendable, yet there’s room for improvement. Current preps are praiseworthy, but we can certainly aspire to achieve more.

The author is an environmentalist