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How to get things done

How to get things done

Are there any specific challenges you face in accomplishing your daily activities, and how do you overcome them? Everyone has a preferred method for handling challenges in their daily life. Evana Manandhar of ApEx interviewed three professionals to find out how they get things done.

Sichu Manandhar, Assistant-Operation Standards Department, Himalaya Airlines


In my daily activities, whenever I encounter difficulties or impediments, I view them as chances for growth and knowledge acquisition. One specific challenge I encounter is balancing multiple priorities effectively. To overcome this, I meticulously plan my tasks, set clear goals, and prioritize based on deadlines and importance. In order to facilitate effective teamwork and mutual support, I also keep open lines to interact with my coworkers. I also actively seek feedback so that I may improve my strategy and increase my effectiveness. Accepting challenges has improved my problem-solving abilities while also developing a proactive and adaptable mindset that has helped me complete a variety of activities successfully.

Prasanna Dhungel, Founder at Digital Everest Pvt Ltd


Effective time management is a key component of my daily routine as the founder of an IT firm who also works part-time as an A-level computer science teacher. It can be difficult to strike a balance between the rigors of running a business, which can sometimes feel like an endless sprint, and the accuracy necessary for fostering young brains through education. I’ve learnt how to use time and mind management strategies like being in the right mindset for a particular task. I am able to maximize productivity and have a loose sense of work-life balance because of this disciplined method.

A constant challenge for me is to keep up with technical advancements. As an IT startup founder and a tech enthusiast, I always remain updated with current information by taking online courses, going to conferences, and networking with others in the sector.

Though the daily challenges are formidable, the rewards of entrepreneurship and education are equally enriching. Effective time management, continuous learning, stress management, and personalized support are the cornerstones that enable me to thrive in these dual roles, making each day a journey of growth and achievement.

Saksham Shrestha, MCC Trainee Engineer, Himalaya Airlines


I often used to find myself procrastinating over either a personal or professional goal and would struggle to achieve them. Learning to manage time has led me to overcome this habit resulting in drastic changes in my daily activities.

I usually spend my morning time preparing my schedule for the day and try my best to stick to it. This not only helps me to realize the amount of time I spend on accomplishing a certain goal, but also to prioritize the tasks. With this practice, simple tasks like completing a report at work or grocery shopping can be easily accomplished. Similarly, I have also learnt not to multitask at the same time. I focus on one task at a time and don’t jump into another one unless I complete it. This has also helped me achieve my daily goals in an unimaginable way. Therefore, time management has become a part of my daily routine that has helped me accomplish my daily activities.