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Maintain harmony and tranquility

Maintain harmony and tranquility

As a nation with various religions, cultures, ethnicities and languages, Nepal allows every Nepali to practice their religion and culture. This fundamental right is enshrined in our Constitution. 

Despite different religious texts and beliefs, our core values unify us—humanitarianism, peace and respect for diverse religions and cultures. From Nepal, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, a global symbol of peace, we have spread the message of peace, tolerance, harmony and coexistence around the world. It is vital that we preserve this heritage. 

I earnestly ask all religious, cultural and ethnic groups to promote peace, tolerance and coexistence while staying vigilant against divisive actions that threaten national unity and our heritage. I urge the government to swiftly restore law and order by upholding religious, social and cultural unity, tolerance and coexistence. 

I request social media users to refrain from sharing content that could disrupt religious, social and cultural harmony, tolerance and coexistence. 

The author is a lawmaker and secretary general of Nepali Congress