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Street vendors are also part of society

Street vendors are also part of society

The primary message for all stakeholders—government bodies, lawmakers and the general public—to acknowledge is that street vendors are an integral part of our society. Street vendors are firmly entrenched within our society and contribute to the national economy directly or indirectly by engaging in self-employment. 

It is the responsibility of the government to manage appropriate workspaces for street vendors. The major consideration is determining suitable locations for this purpose. There are various possible options, including utilizing footpaths within designated hours in specified areas. Many cities like Bangkok, Dhaka, and Calcutta boast of expansive footpaths suitable for the purpose. In our case, where such broad footpaths are lacking, alternatives like squares, intersections and other open spaces can become workspaces. Additionally, there are wider roads where traffic is relatively light during specific times, presenting another viable option. Ultimately, the key factors are the selection of suitable places, appropriate timing and effective management.

The author is an urban planner