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Thamel Kitchen: Unlimited Hyderabadi delights at the Marriott

Thamel Kitchen: Unlimited Hyderabadi delights at the Marriott

“I’m full, but I will make room for that dish” is what you will be compelled to say when you visit Thamel Kitchen at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, located in Naxal. The hotel is hosting a Hyderabadi Food Festival till 24 September 2023 and you can sample authentic Hyderabadi dishes from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Varun Kamra, director of sales and marketing, warmly welcomed us with a drink and introduced us to the guest chef, Kamran Khan, who has 20 years of experience working in numerous renowned hotels such the Taj and ITC chain in India. For the festival, Khan is serving food made with old Hyderabadi techniques that he claims to have learnt from the royal chefs in Hyderabad.

According to Kamra, Hyderabadi food is a fusion of Mughlai, Persian, Turkish, and Telugu cuisines and that was particularly reflected at the event by exhibiting the ingredients used in the dishes.

For starters, we opted for Pathar Ka Gosht for which meat is usually cooked on stone. Though that wasn’t possible at the restaurant, they made sure there was no compromise on the taste. The delicate meat was bursting with different spices and flavors. 

Then, we tried the chef’s most recommended dish, Hyderabadi Haleem. Apparently, this dish is generally prepared during the month of Ramdan when it is eaten to break the fast. We were also startled to learn that this dish takes seven hours to prepare and is one of Hyderabad’s most popular delicacies. The lamb was uniquely flavored and the texture was delightful. The blend of spices, creamy lentils, and lamb meat brought out an earthy flavor. There is also a vegetarian version of this dish.

We also sampled the Murgh Tikka and Hyderabadi Tali Fish. Both the dishes had a golden crust and charred smoky grilled appearance which was really appealing. It was tangy with a hint of smokiness. The presentation was outstanding as well. 

After trying out a few appetizers, we moved on to the main course.  The event’s star dish was Hyderabadi Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani. It was on display on a wooden cart wheel table. Also, you can find the veg option as well as several garnishes on the side. The aroma of Basmati rice with hints of saffron and cardamom made for a highly enjoyable experience. 

Unlike other biryanis, chef Khan says, Hyderabadi biryani has a unique preparation technique. It’s actually made with raw meat, and that makes the meat succulent and the rice more flavorful. There are multiple curry options but we highly recommend the Mirchi Ka Salan to enhance the taste even more. Apart from the curries, you can complement your meal with chutneys such as the Papaya relish, Dahi Pyaz Chutney, or the Ananas Chutney.

As far as desserts go, the Gil-E-Firdaus (Rice Kheer) and Shahi Tukda were amazing. The Shahi Tukda is a dessert made with bread, ghee, sugar, milk and nuts and is a sensory delight. It looks, smells, and tastes amazing.

We highly recommend the food festival because the food is amazing. There’s a lot to choose from. And apart from that, the decor and live music transport you to Hyderabad, making it an unforgettable experience.


Their specials:

Hyderabadi Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani 

Pathar Ka Gosht

Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabadi Tali Fish

Murg Tikka

Gil-E-Firdaus, Shahi Tukda

Location: Naxal, Kathmandu

Meal for two: Rs. 9000

Opening Hour: 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Contact: 9801228992


Online Payment: Accepted


Parking: Available