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Forge national consensus on foreign policy

Forge national consensus on foreign policy

In a multiparty democracy, even if there are differences among the parties on other issues, let us establish the tradition of maintaining national consensus on foreign relations and foreign policy and always follow it. No one should make an open or opaque agreement with any foreign power against national interest for political parties, factions and private interests. In the context of a new Cold War (or Hot War?) unfolding with Asia at the center, Nepal should pay attention to its unique geo-strategic location. 

On one hand, we have to end the traditional dominance of some entity and maintain our complete independence/sovereignty/geographical integrity. On the other, we have to prevent our fall into the abyss. With regard to PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s visit to China, emphasis should be on implementation of previous agreements and quick construction of physical and other infrastructure that will connect Nepal with China’s vast market.

The author is a former prime minister