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10th Aviation Safety Campaign kicks off

10th Aviation Safety Campaign kicks off

The Tenth Aviation Safety Campaign in Nepal started on Monday. This four-day event comprises two separate two-day training sessions, targeting both pilots and stakeholders within the aviation industry.

The event organized in Kathmandu, with Prem Nath Thakur, deputy director general of Nepal's Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN), serving as the program's chairperson. Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane, joint secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, was invited as the chief guest.

Other notable attendees included Capt Sameer Sajet, head of the Regional Aviation Safety Office of the World Food Program (WFP) in the UAE; Anoj Rimal, acting president of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN); and Manoj Karki, general secretary of AOAN.

Rimal emphasized that safety has consistently been a top priority for Nepali airline operators. Capt Sajet from WFP stated that Nepal plays a vital role in various sectors, underscoring the need for stakeholders to uphold airline safety standards to bolster the nation's sectors. He also mentioned WFP’s efforts to modernize aviation safety through computer-based training.

CAAN Deputy Director General Thakur acknowledged the challenges faced by airline companies under the current circumstances and highlighted the significance of programs like Aviation Safety Campaign in improving the safety and quality of Nepal’s aviation industry. He stressed that CAAN and airline operators are interdependent and can achieve better outcomes through collaboration and coordination.

Chief Guest Lamichhane underscored the importance of aviation safety training sessions. He noted that such programs benefit both airline operators and the general public. Considering aviation safety as an ongoing concern, he remarked that countries worldwide are actively working to enhance aviation safety standards.