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‘Aama Timi Chhodera Gaigayeu’ music video released

‘Aama Timi Chhodera Gaigayeu’ music video released

Crafted by lyricist DP Dahal and composed by Santosh Shrestha, Anju Pant, the vocalist, has unveiled a track titled “Aama Timi Chhodera Gaigayeu”. The accompanying music video, produced by Rita Simkhada Dahal, has been skillfully directed by the renowned filmmaker Nikesh Khadka.

The song conveys the universal truth that everyone must eventually part ways with their mother. It reflects on the shared experience of enduring this poignant separation, while also emphasizing the profound reverence for mothers. The song is brought to life through the compelling rendition of Smarika Dhakal. 

The mixing and mastering have been skillfully executed by Kishore Thapa, with cinematography by Uttam Humagai and editing by Bikas Dhamala.

The music video is released from DP Dahal YouTube channel.