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Tibetans in Nepal celebrate new year

Tibetans in Nepal celebrate new year

The Tibetan community of Nepal celebrated their new year, Lhosar, in the presence of members of the diplomatic community. In attendance at the ceremony in Jawalakhel on March 5 were American Ambassador to Nepal Randy W. Berry, British Ambassador Nicola Pollitt, Swiss Ambassador Elisabeth von Capeller and Australian Ambassador Felicity Volk.

Also in attendance were other high-ranking officials from the US and French embassies as well as representatives from the EU and the UNHCR.

The Tibetan community worshiped a photo of Dalai Lama, their spiritual leader at the program organized by the Lazimpat-based Tibetan Refugee Welfare Office.

Foreign dignitaries at the meet did not speak even though they participated in an exchange of greetings with the Tibetan community.

The community had not been able to celebrate their new year or any other cultural event for the past two years due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

While Nepal has provided some refugees with Refugee Cards, many others have been deprived of them. Nepal has not given Tibetan refugees identifying documents after 1995. The refugees say they are denied even basic rights in the absence of identifying documents and have repeatedly made their case with the Nepal government. They have not got a hearing.