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Will you go back to office if the lockdown is eased?

Will you go back to office if the lockdown is eased?

APEX continues its dialogue with members of the general public to get a sense of how the Covid-19 lockdown is changing their lives. This week, we talk to nine working professionals to find out how they are adapting in their work. 


Unaware people grave risk

Ashika Maleku Shrestha, 32 

Quality Assurance Officer, HLE Nepal 

I see many people are still unaware about Covid-19 and are not following preventive measures. Thus I will prefer to work from home even if the lockdown is lifted. If I must go to the office, I would make changes such as using online logs instead of thumb logs, ordering online, keeping social distance among colleagues, and using sanitizer or hand wash from time to time. 


Not meeting, calling 

Pankaj Gyawali, 29 

Banker, NIC ASIA 

Though the whole country is under lockdown, as a banking professional, I need to go to my office regularly. But things are not the same anymore. Interaction with customers and other staffers rarely happens now. All conversations are done via the phone. I used to visit branch offices to learn about what they were doing, or if they needed support. Now I make phone calls and suggest they maintain social distance. Even if the lockdown is lifted, there will be significant changes in how we work and provide banking services. 


Internet the way out

Mamata Manandhar, 36


Assistant Manager, ACE Institute of Management

Even if my office opens right away, I would still prefer working from home until the corona crisis is completely over. I work in administration. That means I have to work closely with both students and other faculties, which in turn puts my health at risk. As all students and associates have internet at home, there would be no difficulty in conducting classes or in regular work. However, if I have to go to office, I would try to maintain social distance and take other precautions. 


Hunger deadlier than virus

Hari Prasad Gautam, 45 

Teacher, Swarnim School 

I have to go to work if the school opens. Most people in Nepal cannot survive without work. Hunger will kill more people than the virus. The decisions of my family members, school administration, students and their guardians determine what I do. However, even if I go to work, I would take preventive measures such as maintaining social distance, using masks and hand sanitizers, and taking along homemade tiffin.  


Going only when necessary 

Sneha Tamrakar, 23  

Communication and Documentation Officer, YUWA 

If I have to go to work, I’d be careful about distancing between coworkers, hand washing, food sources, and contact. I would prefer online meetings to physical ones. I would work from home and maybe go to office only when necessary. One thing the lockdown has taught us is that a lot of our work can be done from home. 


Restructuring work 

Jahn Shrestha, 31 

Data Analyst, Dibyajyoti Groups 

I would rather stay and work from home, as my work is not hampered that way. Companies should learn from this crisis that work should be project-based. They should change their HR policies and try innovative ways. Working from home is beneficial for the office as well, as it reduces the burden on them to manage resources. I work in a closed group, which involves a lot of human interaction. If I have go to the office, I will try to restructure my work. 


Honing my skills 

Abhisekh Shakya, 23 


In this lockdown, I am home making various dishes and honing my culinary skills. But I have to go back to work after the lockdown. As I am in the hospitality sector, my job is service-oriented. This exposes me to many people. However, due to the pandemic, I must be cautious as this virus spreads quickly. Therefore I will take necessary precautions.


Avoiding public vehicles

Anish Shakha, 24 

Sports Photographer 

My work is out on the field, and I have to be back on the field when the lockdown is lifted. But I will avoid crowded areas. I will take preventive measures before going out, and I will ride my own bike instead of using a public vehicle. I will also make sure I use disposable gloves and masks. Another important thing, every time I get home from work, I will wash my hands and face. Each time, I will also clean my camera and its accessories. 


Productive even during crisis

Radha Shakya, 33 

Senior Loan Assistant, Shree Laligurans Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd 

I’ve been going to office even during the lockdown. I am taking various precautionary measures at work such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and using sanitizers. I also maintain social distance with other staffers. I’m glad that even at a time of crisis like this I can work and be productive. 



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