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Publisher’s Note

Publisher’s Note

What a wonderful coincidence! Just as Nepal is formally entering the federal era with the election of the seven provincial governments, the Annapurna Media Network is launching its flagship English news and entertainment outlet: The Annapurna Express.

This weekly news and entertainment newspaper serves the Nepali reading public quality English content that is both substantive and fun to read.

With the promulgation of the new constitution, followed by the three tiers of elections, we believe Nepal has turned a corner. Now is the perfect time to start the process of economic transformation of the country: boost our industries, create new jobs and eradicate poverty. The AMN is committed to playing our little part in this transformation—and this is our goal with The Express, too.

We give space to reportage and analysis from all seven provinces to give our readers a complete picture of how the new federation is shaping up, even as the country now strives to bring about the much-needed balance in the handing of its two neighbors. Besides this, we run thought-provoking opinion pieces on contemporary national and international issues. We also cover business, technology, fashion, movies, books and expats—it’s a complete package.  

We would like to thank Yubaraj Ghimire, the former editor of the Annapurna Post, for his inputs in The Express, which he shepherded in its early stages.  

We have worked hard to come up with this newspaper over the past few months. The final product is now in your hands and you, the readers, are the ultimate judge. Any feedback is most welcome.