Three thrillers you must read

Keyur Basnet

Keyur Basnet

Three thrillers you must read

A good thriller is all I need when I want to forget what’s happening around me. It takes my mind away from things and consumes me in a way that makes the world vanish. It’s the best feeling. Here, I recommend three of my favorites. These are the ones that I keep thinking about even if it’s been a while since I read them.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

A rising artist, Alicia Berenson, gets convicted of murdering her fashion-photographer husband. But after shooting him in the head five times, she stops speaking. She is taken to a secure psychiatric unit but no medication or treatment can make her talk. Enter Theo Faber, a London-based psychotherapist, who is obsessed with Alicia as he has spent two decades in therapy himself, trying to overcome the trauma of a cruel father. What really happened and can Theo help Alicia?

The narrative switches between Alicia’s journal entries and Theo and keeps you on the edge. It has many plot twists and leaves you guessing. Just when you believe one thing is true, you are forced to question it. Michaelides, a writer of screenplays, makes the story come alive before your eyes.

A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena 

Karen and Tom have been married for two years, following a whirlwind romance. Then, Karen gets into an accident in a part of town that she never goes to. There has been a murder nearby. The police think she killed the man and fled. At the hospital, the last thing Karen remembers is that she was preparing dinner and waiting for her husband to come home. Each of the characters recollects the night’s events as they try to piece together what might have happened. So, we see the story unravel through different perspectives.

Lapena is good at creating tension and ‘A Stranger in the House’ is an eerie story. It’s a psychological thriller that delves into a ‘perfect’ relationship and the secret the couple keeps from each other in order to maintain that façade. Lapena’s writing is a bit trope heavy but you’ll enjoy her stories while they last.

No Exit by Taylor Adams

College student Darby Throne is on her way home to see her sick mother. She gets stranded at a highway rest stop in Colorado because of a blizzard. There are four other people around her, and there’s no cell phone signal. Then, she sees a little girl locked at the back of a van, inside an animal crate. She finds out who the van belongs to and is intent on saving the child. But the kidnapper finds out she has seen the girl and then her life is on the line too. The story takes a while to pick up but the tension is palpable. This is easily the best thriller you will read. It’s insane and creepy and will make your heart race.

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