Sushma Adhikari: Dancing her way to fame

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Sushma Adhikari: Dancing her way to fame

Sushma Adhikari is among the busiest artists in Nepal. Not only in Nepali movies and music videos, she has also played a couple of Bhojpuri movies. Indian newspaper The Indian Express has also covered her story a couple of times which made her trending in Nepali and the Indian film industry. ApEx talked to her to know about her career. Excerpts:

Why did you come to Kathmandu?

I came to Kathmandu for higher studies after completing under-grad education from my hometown Dhangadhi. Since my school days, I have been interested in dancing but in Dhangadhi, training opportunities were not available. At school cultural programs and local festivals, I used to get the opportunity to show my skills. My parents would always ask me to focus on studies and get a job. My interest to become an artist somehow drove me to Kathmandu, where I pursued both my studies and a modeling career.

How did your career start?

I was thinking of pursuing modeling along with studies. So, after coming to Kathmandu, the first thing I did was a photo shoot. After my photos were published in a magazine, I got an opportunity to act in a music video of composer Sagar Thapa. ‘Phulbari Ko Bato Hidchhau’ gave me a much-needed breakthrough. These days, I act in at least 3-4 music videos a month. So far, I have worked in over 300 music videos, acting in music videos of almost every famous singer. Among them, Anju Pant’s ‘Timile Bhulna Sake’ and Shiva Pariyar’s ‘Timilai Bhulne Bahanama’ are my favorite performances. 

How did you come to the movies?

After becoming a hit in the music videos, I felt the need to do the films as well. I then gave it a try and acted in ‘Anautho Prem Katha’ and ‘Pipal’. 

In my film career, I have met a variety of people, who claim to be producers and directors. They do this to hang out with female actors. I have bitter experiences too. Some of the film producers and directors I met at the beginning of my career have not yet made a single film.

Later I realized that modeling for music videos is a better choice than acting in movies as music videos offer a better income and, unlike in a movie shoot, you don’t have to invest a huge amount of time. 

How was the reaction of your parents when they knew about your career?

My parents found out that I was a model by watching my music video on TV. Even when my music videos were released, I didn’t tell my parents about it. But as soon as they found out, I convinced them by clarifying that I was also continuing my studies. They are now happy as I have completed my graduation and am even earning and assisting my parents financially. 

How’s your life going?

My life has become synonymous with modeling. And I am enjoying it to the fullest. Besides music videos and movies, I have also acted in many commercials. I am equally busy with stage shows and cultural programs. I am earning good money from programs in Nepal and abroad. And above all, the love and support from the audiences inspires me to work hard. 

Models like me are getting more work these days as songs get less views without music videos. It is possible for models like me to make a decent living in Kathmandu by giving full time in modeling.   

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