Subedi’s play up for international award in theater

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Subedi’s play up for international award in theater

Director Bimal Subedi’s play ‘The Departed Dawn’ has been selected for the prestigious Mahindra Excellency Theatre Award-2023 (META), India in four categories: Best direction, best choreography, best music and best light. 

The award will be conferred on 29 March in Delhi. 

META had announced the top 10 plays nomination across 13 categories which will be staged from 25-29 March.

Subedi’s play was selected from among the 395 entries. 

‘The Departed Dawn’is about Bhutanese refugees who are forcefully displaced and compelled to be scattered in many countries.

The play begins with a journey that seeks a place called home and slowly delves into the process of building a conducive environment through hardship and struggle. At life’s crossroads, when memories are overwhelming, the idea of returning home becomes impossible as everything has been burned to ashes.

The play is a collaborative production between Theatre Village Nepal and Akhoka Theatre, India.

Instituted by the Mahindra Group with the objective of becoming a significant platform for theater across regions, states and dialects in India, META is Indian theater’s most definitive award that recognizes all aspects of the stage, including playwriting, set, costume and light design, direction and performance. 

Subedi is a prominent theater personality and has worked with many national and international veteran artists and renowned art centers. He has already received the ON theater award-2016 from India. He was the youngest one who received it. 

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