Splitsvilla: A peek into the world of romance and heartbreaks

Anushka Nepal

Anushka Nepal

Splitsvilla: A peek into the world of romance and heartbreaks

The Nepali version of the popular dating reality franchise from India will be aired on AP1 TV sometime between August and September

Splitsvilla, a popular Indian reality show, is being adapted in Nepal by AP1 Television. The original show, MTV Splitsvilla, has held millions of Indian youths agog for the last 13 seasons, and now its Nepali franchise is expected to do the same. The program will be shot in Chitwan and it is set to be aired sometime between August and September, with Nikita Chandak and Shrijal Rupakehti as their

For those who do not know, Splitsvilla is a dating reality series where contestants must avoid elimination from the villa by competing in various tasks as pairs and try to find love in the process.

The show will be unscripted to ensure spontaneity, but will follow the guidelines set by the franchise company.

“It will be nothing like Nepali TV audiences have seen before,” says Mohit Basnet, head of business at AP1 TV.  “The show’s contestants come from varied backgrounds from the up and coming social media influencers to your girls and boys next door.”

The contestants were selected following a rigorous process not just in order to ensure diversity but also to make the show entertaining.

Utsab Regmi, the show’s director, says this show is not about finding dancing or singing talents unlike most other Nepali reality TV. “Splitsvilla will have an admixture of people from doctors to fitness instructors to former reality TV contestants,” he adds. “Apart from the winning couple, we also hope to find many new, interesting characters through this show.”

The identities of Splitsvilla residents remain a fiercely guarded secret until now. Though some TikTok users have declared that they will be in the show, Regmi dismissed their claims. “The series participants sign non-disclosure agreements,” he says “The show itself will reveal the contestants.”

The only information Regmi and Basnet are willing to divulge is that there will be plenty of romance, heartache, betrayal and intrigue inside Splitsvilla.

Since we are talking about reality dating shows, there is another niggling curiosity: is it going to be like Blind Date?  The answer is a resounding “no” from both Regmi and Basnet.

“The two shows are completely different. One crucial difference is that Splitsvilla focuses on tasks performed by contestants, not the actual dates between a boy and a girl,” explains Regmi.

Blind Date has made its name for being divisive in nature—a cringefest for some and a guilty pleasure for others.

Splitsvilla, Regmi says, is a well-established popular reality TV franchise, the one that has made its reputation without relying on shock value and scandal.

“This show will not be in any way misogynistic, inappropriate or cheap to off-put the viewers,” he says. “There are terms and conditions that contestants must follow. Inappropriate remarks and behaviors will not be tolerated. Such acts will result in immediate disqualification.”

Besides, Regmi adds, there will be constant presence of professional production crew in the villa.

Indeed, the show producers seem to have gone an extra mile to prevent untoward events by separating male and female residents and mobilizing security guards in and around the villa.

“We have strict guidelines for the contestants as well as the crew members that are to be followed to the letter,” Regmi says.