Some décor tips to liven up your space

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Some décor tips to liven up your space

Decorating a house can be tricky and daunting. It’s never a good idea to rush into it, rather you must take your time to do some research, be clear about what you want, and only then get into the actual process. A vision board, where you put up photos of furniture, art, and décor items that appeal to you, can help you play around with ideas before finally bringing them to life. While décor is a personal thing and what works for you might not work for your friend, some basic mistakes people make while decorating can make a space seem a little off-putting. Here are a few décor dos and don’ts that will ensure your home is as elegant and stylish as its inhabitants.

Less is more while accessorizing

People are generally hoarders and tend to accumulate things, especially mementos and knickknacks over the course of their travels. Displaying random things all over your house can make it seem cluttered. Rather invest in classic accessories and ensure there’s not more than one item per room. Generally, bigger statement pieces might be a better option than smaller curios. Also, don’t hang different sizes of art on a single wall. If you want to display multiple artworks together, make sure the frames are of the same size.

Get the rug size right

Most of us tend to use rugs and carpets the wrong way. We generally place a small one between our sofas and chairs with a coffee table on top of it. Don’t use rugs or carpets that are too small for your space as it will create an optical illusion that will make your space look smaller than it is. The edges of your rugs should always be a few inches under the furniture. It can also extend beyond the furniture by a few inches or feet. It’s also a good idea not to use area rugs all over the house. Use it selectively and sparingly.  

Pay attention to the lighting

Opt for a mix of light sources at different heights to create a pleasing ambiance and functional space. For that, you can invest in dimmer switches, task lighting, mood lighting, and the correct light bulbs. Also, if you want hanging lights like chandeliers, don’t hang them too low and don’t go overboard with them—stick to just one or two pieces in the house. However, lower light fixtures in dining areas will make the space seem more intimate.

Add some life to your space

Your home can look too sterile if we don’t bring elements of nature into it. Stone, wood, jute, and rattan items can lend your home a rustic charm while making it feel comfortable and lived in. Indoor plants can really liven up a space. Better still, some plants like snake and spider plants will even purify indoor air for you. Instead of using small plants in cute little planters (that are hard to take care of) opt for bigger ones that can act as statement pieces on their own.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy

Matching furniture is a big no-no while decorating. While having some matching furniture isn’t a bad thing, matching all the pieces in a room will make it feel very formulaic and boring. It will also make a space seem closed and uninviting. Decide on a theme for your room and then find different styles to match that theme instead of just sticking to one. A general rule of thumb is to follow a color scheme of not more than two accent colors and two neutral shades to avoid a space from feeling visually overwhelming.

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