Society | Nepal’s civil society appeals to China for vaccines and oxygen plants

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Society | Nepal’s civil society appeals to China for vaccines and oxygen plants

‘We would like to appeal to the Chinese government to support Nepal with additional vaccines so as to curb unnecessary loss of human life’

Eighty-three members of the civil society in Nepal have made an appeal to China, asking the northern neighbor for more vaccines, oxygen supplies as well as other Covid-19 related material and medicines. This is perhaps the first instance of the Nepali civil society making such an appeal with China, even as there have been many instances of similar appeals to various western countries. 

Below is the full text of the appeal.

Citizen Appeal to The People’s Republic of China  (Date: May 12, 2021)

Covid-19 cases in Nepal have increased by 1200 percent in the last few weeks. The positivity rate of tests conducted stands consistently over fifty percent. The country’s health infrastructure has been pushed to the brink with health professionals and frontline workers stretched thin across the country. We are witnessing the fastest spread of COVID-19 globally and the coming months are certain to be an uphill battle. In this context, it is becoming increasingly clear that Nepal will require the help of our neighbors to mitigate the unfolding humanitarian disaster. 

China is not only a neighbor but a good friend to Nepal, a relationship attested particularly in times of crisis. The unwavering support China provided when Nepal was at its most vulnerable, in the aftermath of the earthquakes in 2015 and the blockade that followed, remains fresh in the hearts and minds of all Nepalis. Our gratitude for this support knows no bounds.

While diplomatic relations between Nepal and People’s Republic of China date back to 1955, human relationships have lasted much longer and continue to be strong. It is during these unprecedented times, on behalf of the citizens of Nepal, we would like to appeal—once again—to the government and people of the People’s Republic of China to extend your whole-hearted assistance to urgently respond to Nepal’s grave health and humanitarian situation:

  • It is well established that vaccination is the only solution to this pandemic. With only 1 percent of the population fully vaccinated, Nepal is in a precarious position. As we write this, the Government of Nepal has scheduled the second dose inoculation for those who received the first dose of the VeroCell vaccine—numbering some 800,000 in total—that were donated by China. While this has offered a glimpse of hope for some, it is simply not enough. We would like to appeal to the Chinese government to support Nepal with additional vaccines so as to curb unnecessary loss of human life as a result of lack of access to vaccines.
  • An acute shortage of oxygen has impacted the ability of our health institutions to offer their services. The GoN says we immediately need some 50,000 cylinders of oxygen to ride out this wave. China's offer of 20,000 cylinders and other medical essentials has already exhibited your kind willingness to support and we request the extension of this support with swift transport and further oxygen plant, oxygen concentrators and any other assistance to aid the oxygen supply in the country.
  • Basic necessities to combat the virus are growing scarce as the number of infected continue to grow. In this context, we would like to appeal for your assistance with PPE and testing kits, masks and other medical equipment that can help our health care workers safely provide the basic necessary services to the affected.
  • As the first country to successfully bring this deadly virus under control, your experience and resources have been crucial. As such, we would appreciate any emergency medical team support that you can extend to Nepal to assist our Nepali frontline workers on the ground in this fight against the pandemic.

We are left with no option but to lay our hopes on the kind support of our neighbors and friends at this crucial junction. We would thus humbly request her excellency Ambassador Hou Yanqi to convey our appeal and expedite any and all support to Nepal from the People’s Republic of China.

On behalf of the general public

1. Prof. Dr. Hemraj Pant, Educationist

2. Jagannath Lamichhane, Activist

3. Prem Sapkota, Activist

4. Manomohan Swar, Journalist, Kailali

5. Senior Advocate Ramesh Deb Bhatt, Kanchanpur

6. Basanti Chaudhary, Rights Activist, Kailali

7. Advocate Ajay Shankar Jha "Rupesh", Executive Director, PDS-Nepal

8. Pradip Pariyar, Executive Director, Samata Foundation.

9. Khagendra Lamichhane, Writer / Actor

10. Bhakta Biswakarma, Acting President, Dalit NGO Federation (DNF)

11. Suman Adhikari, Executive Director, National Federation of Deaf,Nepal

12. Deep Jyoti Shrestha, Youth Activist

13. Rem Bk. Executive Director, Jagaran Media Center

14. Yamlal Lohoni, President, Rupendehi Trade Association

15. Janaki Ghimire Aryal, Lumbini State President, Single Women's Group for Human Rights

16. Jog Bahadur Khatri, Chairman High Court Bar, Butwal

17. Sikendra Paswan, Rights Activist, Bara

18. Fulmohammad Miya, Activists, Parsa

19. Rajesh Karn, Journalist, Janakpurdham

20. Sharda Chand, Social Activist, Kanchanpur

21. Ramesh Rai, Social Activist, Ilam

22. Chakraraj Dahal, Associate Professor, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan

23. Govindaraj Gautam, Vice President, National Consumer Forum, Baglung

24. Tuk Bahadur Thapa, Advocate, Kapilbastu District Bar Unit, Taulihawa

25. Bishnu Baral, Coordinator, Civil Society Network for Peace, Gandaki Province.

26. Girdhari Subedi, Sayapatri Samaj, Pokhara

27. Than Bahadur Chhetri, Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University

28. Nir Shrestha, Disability Rights Activist

29. Lokendra Sitaula, Associate Professor, Tehrathum Multiple Campus, Tehrathum

30. Dr. Arjun Aayadi, Associate Professor, Midwestern University, Surkhet

31. Amrit Kumar Bhandari, Syangja

32. Shubh Kayastha, Civic Activist, Bhaktapur

33. Rukmani Maharjan, Advocate, Kathmandu

34. Dr. Buddha Bahadur Thapa, Chairman, Nepal Professors Association Central Committee

35. Bhavani Prasad Pandey, Central Committee Members FNJ

36.Gunja Rai, Women's Rights Activist, Janakpur

37. Kailash Dash, State President, Nepal National Dalit Journalists Association, Janakpur

38. Jayakant Goit, Former Teacher, Saptari

39. Bhola Paswan, Rights Activist, Saptari

40. Swagat Raj Pandey, Civic Activist, Kathmandu

41. Samson Karki, Filmmaker

42. Pravin KC, student

43. Deepak Acharya, Businessman

44. Som Niraula, Human Rights Activist, Kathmandu

45. Shivnath Yadav, Youth Activist, Birganj

46. Dawa Lhamu Sherpa, Young Mental Health Activist

47. Suraj Ray, Student / Activist

48. Richa Palikhe, Activist / Businessman

49. Annie, Activist

50. Saugat Wagle, Disability Rights Activist

51. Umid Bagchand, Journalist, Kailali

52. Ananda Mishra, Environment Activist

53. Dr. Prakash Bhattarai, Executive Director, Center for Social Change (CSC)

54. Shehnaz Banu, Civic Activist, Kathmandu

55. Advocate Indu Tuladhar, Executive Chair, Himal Innovative Development and Research Pvt. Ltd.

56. Sushma Barali, Journalist

57. Sangam Sherpa, Businessman

58. Govind Pariyar, Journalist

59. Basanta Chippa, Activist

60. Bhuvan KC, Businessman

61. Advocate Krishna Prasad Timilsina, Pokhara

62. Neetu Pokharel, Women Rights Activist

63. Kiran Kausal, journalist, palpa

64. Romas Khatiwada, Activist

65. Nabin Silwal, Activist

66. Samar Chhetri, lecturer, Dept. Of Population Studies.

67. Pramila Tajhya, Women Activist, Pokhara.

68. Prakash Shrestha, Activist

69. Basanta Joshi, Activist

70. Asmita Dangi, Activist

71. Nisu KC, Activist

72. Nirajan Paudel, Activist

73. Tusar Neupane, Activist

74. Bijaya Rai Shrestha, Executive Director, AMKAS Nepal

75. Advocate Anita Thapaliya, Executive Chairperson, LAAC Nepal

76. Keshab Badi (Nepali), Chairman, National Badi Network, Nepalgunj Banke

77. Jitram Lama, President, NGO Federation Nepal

78. Arjun Bhattarai, Coordinator, NSDF

79. Purushottam Bista, NEDI

80. Bhuwan KC, Activist

81. Itisha Giri, Writer / Podcaster, Kathmandu

82. Avasna Pandey, Journalist

83. Amuda Mishra, Human Rights Activist