Smita Ghimire obituary: A happy soul gone too soon

Anushka Nepal

Anushka Nepal

Smita Ghimire obituary: A happy soul gone too soon

She grew up surrounded by family members from a mix of backgrounds, from politics to literature to music

Singer Smita Ghimire was born in Kathmandu but spent most of her childhood in Biratnagar. She grew up surrounded by family members from a mix of backgrounds, from politics to literature to music.

Her maternal grandfather was former Prime Minister Matrika Prasad Koirala and both her parents were accomplished musicians. Her father played harmonium and her mother sitar. So, naturally, Ghimire was exposed to music early. She had started singing and dancing at the age of three.

Growing up, Ghimire was particularly close to her mother. She once said in an interview that she learned from her mother to always remain positive in life and see the good in people. Ghimire abundantly showed her positive attitude when she was stricken by cancer, which eventually took her life. She appeared in lots of TV shows and interviews to talk about her health and life in general.

Ghimire’s primary influence in her singing career was her family. Her parents always wanted her to be a singer. But her career as a singer nearly did not happen after her marriage.

She was married to Navin Ghimire, a civil engineer, in 1992. Her new role as a wife and then a mother kept her busy and she had no time to pursue her singing career. Though she had a family to look after, she would alway find free time to practice music.

Ghimire launched her debut album ‘Smi’ in 2014. ‘Ae Bhanchan,’ ‘Ankha ko Nani Hau,’ ‘Bhagya Bhannu,’ ‘Kati Mitho Maya,’ ‘Gahiro Taalko,’ and ‘K Bho Aaja Voli,’ are some of her popular songs.

Besides being a singer, Ghimire was also interested in painting and literature. She also wrote a Nepali novel, ‘Harayeko Muskaan,’ which was published on 15 March this year.

Painting was more of a hobby for her. She once told an interviewer that painting made her happy—good or bad, it did not matter. What mattered the most to Ghimire was creating and showcasing art of any kind, be it singing, dancing, painting or writing.

Ghimire had a happy life with a loving family while also enjoying her career as a singer and a budding novelist. This was also the case when she was diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow three years ago. Despite the grim diagnosis, she kept her chin up.

Ghimire continued to make music while undergoing treatment. Her cancer was in remission after a series of chemo- and radiation therapy. But then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was still positive and hopeful though. She wrote her novel while she was gravely ill.

Ghimire breathed her last in the course of treatment at the Harisiddhi Cancer Hospital in Lalitpur. She is survived by her husband and their daughter.

Birth: Kathmandu

Death: 15 August 2022, Lalitpur