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Simrik Air expands fleet with Bell 505 JRX

Simrik Air expands fleet with Bell 505 JRX
Simrik Air Pvt Ltd has procured a Bell 505 Jet Ranger X (JRX) helicopter, further expanding its fleet to perform life-saving search and rescue operations in trying terrains of Nepal more efficiently. On March 20, a Simrik Air team in Singapore signed an agreement to bring the chopper (serial number 65430) for the first time ever to Nepal as its new aircraft. Bell 505 is one of the latest helicopters and successful models of Bell Textron Pte Ltd. Simrik Air agreed to acquire this aircraft after testing its capabilities in Nepal in 2019. With its outstanding performance and safety assurance during demonstration flights, the company had decided to procure the helicopter back then, but the procurement was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the addition of this 4-seater aircraft to its fleet, Simrik will be able to provide more efficient service in terms of medical evacuation, search and rescue, survey, adventure, training, public safety, corporate and chartered operations. 

Simrik Air, a pioneer in the Nepali aviation industry, has been adding the finest and brand-new machines in its fleet to meet its safety commitments.