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Save earth for future

Save earth for future
Due to the effects of climate change, earth is suffering from many troubles. The temperature of the earth now is very hot. Due to which the sources of water such as ponds, wells and rivers are becoming dry day by day.  Because of climate change, production of crops is decreasing which is a big problem for us and farmers. So we should use electric vehicles to stop climate change because vehicles that we use from petrol and diesel are polluting the earth. Because of the effects of climate change, new diseases like covid, dengue, have emerged which are killing people day by day. The effects of climate change are industrialization, deforestation. We should reduce water pollution, solid waste and deforestation to save our earth. We should cut down trees less and we should plant more. There are many causes and results of climate change for the existence of life on the earth. Please adopt the following methods: stop deforestation, industrial revolution, plant trees and use less fossil fuel.

Prabesh Bhattarai,

Class 6 Global Pathshala, Kausaltar 


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