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Saathi: ‘Air Bear’ spotlights air pollution crisis

Saathi: ‘Air Bear’ spotlights air pollution crisis
Save the Children Nepal has launched an initiative to raise awareness about the severe consequences of air pollution and the climate crisis on children’s lives. Introducing ‘Saathi’-the ‘Air Bear’ as the campaign’s mascot, the organization aims to make a significant impact through its flagship child and youth-led campaign, ‘Generation Hope’.  Unveiled on Earth Day, 22 April 2023, Saathi will embark on a nationwide journey, collaborating with young climate change champions, government officials, policymakers, and influencers to address the escalating climate crisis and deteriorating air quality in Nepal. Standing at an impressive four-meter height, Saathi recently concluded its visit to Karnali Province. During this visit, Saathi, accompanied by young climate activists, engaged in meaningful discussions with the Mayor of Birendranagar and other influential stakeholders. The focus was on raising awareness about the detrimental effects of air pollution and advocating for concrete actions to protect the rights and future of children through informed decision-making on climate-related issues.

Ashmita, a 14-year-old climate activist, emphasized the gravity of air pollution, stating, “Imagine breathing such toxic air, imagine how this air will darken our future.” She further emphasized the need for collective responsibility by remarking, “As Saathi’s fur grows darker, it will compel us to reflect on the consequences of our negligence.” Young climate activists like Ashmita join Saathi on its journey, actively participating in discussions to find collaborative solutions to combat air pollution and climate change.

Saathi’s travels across the country serve as a poignant reminder of the hazards of air pollution, while also underscoring the importance of empowering children and young people as leaders in climate justice conversations. By encouraging duty bearers and influential stakeholders to listen and engage with them, Saathi aims to secure a brighter future for the next generation.  Ayush Joshi, the Director for Advocacy, Campaigns, and Media at Save the Children, believes, “Saathi is a powerful catalyst that instills hope and ignites determination in children and young people. Together, they form a united front, advocating against the adversities of climate change and holding those responsible accountable for securing a sustainable future for children in Nepal.” Joshi expressed optimism, stating, “We are hopeful that Saathi will ignite a nationwide movement alongside young climate activists, raising awareness about the urgent climate crisis and its devastating impact on children and their future.” Through Saathi’s journey and the collaboration with passionate climate activists, Save the Children Nepal aims to galvanize a transformative movement that empowers young voices and drives meaningful change. By addressing air pollution and the climate crisis head-on, forging a path toward a safer and brighter future for the children of Nepal.