Raghuji Panta: Dahal has a shifty personality

Pratik Ghimire

Pratik Ghimire

Raghuji Panta: Dahal has a shifty personality

CPN-UML has pulled out of the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led coalition government in the wake of differences over the presidential candidate, for which a vote is due on March 9. This will likely create a new political coalition, including CPN (Maoist Center), Nepali Congress, and CPN (Unified Socialist). Pratik Ghimire of ApEx talked to Raghuji Panta, parliamentarian and UML leader regarding the current political scenario.

What’s your take on the latest political developments?

Nepali political leaders never follow their ideology, values, beliefs, plans, and policies and they never work for national interest is what Prime Minister Dahal showed recently. He quit the political alliance formed barely a couple of months ago. Why did he do so? His behavior and the new coalition will only deepen political instability. This is not a new alliance though. The Congress, Maoists, and other parties were together till the Nov 20 polls. Did they deliver quality service to the people? No.

This coalition got embroiled in plenty of scams like the involvement of an unauthorized person in budget preparation. So, what should people expect from them?

Why did Dahal betray the UML?

Dahal is a shifty person. Previously also, he had betrayed almost all political parties for petty gains. This time again, this is all for his benefit. Not only will this hamper the country but also his party.

Do you see an external role in the current turmoil?

The coalition, which included the UML and other parties, had more patriotic agendas. It is now proved that international powers don’t like a left-centric government and they wanted the Congress in power by any means. There certainly is an external role in this political change, but we have to keep in mind that external forces can’t act without our political leaders. The external forces have used our political actors. We must criticize external interference in domestic politics, but our politicians must also work in the interest of the nation. They should ask external forces not to interfere in internal politics and convey a message that we are capable of solving our problems on our own.

Any chance of a Congress-UML alliance?

As of now, we have no such interest. We are determined to play the role of a perfect opposition by respecting the will of the people.

What is the UML’s grassroots mission? What are its objectives?

This mission has a simple meaning. We want to involve more youths in the party as they are our future. Being one of the large political parties, it is difficult to run the party’s affairs smoothly. Missions like this one help us connect with the people at the grassroots and help solve many problems. This mission also aims to bridge the gap between youths, laymen, and the party leadership, enabling the party to work for the people more effectively.


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