Quick questions with Asmita Lamichhane

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Quick questions with Asmita Lamichhane

Asmita Lamichhane,

Something you’ve done often during the lockdown?

I have been reading and spending time with my family members. I realized I’d been so busy that I hadn’t seen my family members up close in a long time.

A movie/series you would suggest for the lockdown?

All Nepali movies on my list: “Ujeli,” “Numafung,” “Mukundo,” “Maitighar,” “Basudev.”

Have you read anything lately? Would you suggest it?

I’d definitely suggest “Sumnima” and “Babu, Aama ra Chora,” both by BP Koirala. 

 Best music to listen to during the lockdown? 

Parvathy Baul, Nina Simone, Narayan Gopal, Kumar Sanu.  

How do you work out during the lockdown?

 I do yoga with my family 

How long do you think the lockdown will last?

I don’t know. Maybe a day before till it’s called off?

What is the first thing you’ll do when the lockdown is over? 

I want to visit a temple. It’s been long since I’ve met God in His abode.

If not at home, where would you preferably be locked down? 

As an actor maybe in a mental hospital since it would be an opportunity to observe different characters (laughs). But as a normal human being, maybe a Vipassana center. 

If you were to be locked down with a Nepali celebrity for 21 days, who would it be?

Madhav Prasad Ghimire. I’d make him kheer because I know he loves it and then he could recite poems to me.

One dish you wouldnt mind eating everyday during the lockdown?

Dal Bhat!