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Over Easy BnB: For breakfast and more

Over Easy BnB:  For breakfast and more
Who doesn’t love good breakfast food? It’s light, soothing, and if it were up to me, I would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I found a perfect place that serves you breakfast food all day round. Over Easy BnB in Bansbari, Kathmandu, is an all-day breakfast restaurant that serves you good food at a reasonable price. It’s quite popular for the Over Easy Eggs and its exclusive menu.  The place looks aesthetic. There is a pretty garden too. I was captivated by the villa-style decor with abstract artwork on the walls. The modest decor and vibrant artifacts kept the mood upbeat. Warm lights and beige teak wood interiors lift the ambiance even more. The counter is adorned with a large clock. In the garden, there are fairy lights strung across the trees and hedges.  The experience of visiting this restaurant is incomplete without trying out their Over Easy Special. It’s an innovative dish, with multigrain toast and two special toppings. One comes with two delectable over-easy eggs and smashed avocado, and another with a fine coating of peanut butter and pomegranate spread on top. It has a subtle balance of sweet and sour flavor. To make it more appealing, they serve it with fat juicy sausages, bacon, and lettuce.

The other dish you need to try is Florentine Eggs. It’s one of those fancy dishes that not only looks good but is also delicious. The dish has an earthy flavor from poached egg and spinach. It’s served with some bacon strips and freshly made chips on the side. It’s served on a pink earthenware plate making the aesthetic appeal of the meal hard to ignore. They prepare soft multigrain bread by letting the dough rise overnight and baking it the next morning. Every dish is made from scratch, so it’s understandable why their service is a tad bit slow. Most of the ingredients used are grown in their garden. 

Besides food, this restaurant is also popular for its fruit smoothies. Unfortunately,  a smoothie bowl wasn’t available at the moment so we asked for The Breakfast Cake. The ingredients include three soft pancakes, sliced bananas, and chopped apples. They’ve included their signature over-easy eggs, bacon, and lettuce to make the dish nutritious.  I’m glad the Chicken Wrap we ordered wasn’t a bad pick after knowing it’s made with spinach. It’s a rolled-up mix of spinach and chicken in tortillas. The spinach is neatly packed so it doesn’t get messy while eating.   I also liked how the restaurant shortlists its specials every day. You can find them scribbled on a blackboard. It’s quite helpful for people who are indecisive about what to order. And it’s interesting how they have included different cultural foods for breakfast on their menu. You can select from classic Indian, classic Nepali, and mountain madness with sherpa bread for your breakfast meal.  Over Easy BnB is all things classy and cozy. The place puts you at ease and the food makes you happy. Plus, there is plenty of parking space for both two- and four-wheelers so you don’t have to worry about that either.  Their Specials:

  • Over Easy Special
  • The Eggs Florentine
  • The Breakfast Cake
Location: Bansbari, Kathmandu Breakfast for two: Rs 1,200 Opening Hour: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Contact: 9841587695 Online Payment: Accepted Parking: Available