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My entry into new school

My entry into new school
My name is Spandan Roka Magar. After passing my grade eight from my village I came to Kathmandu. More than my wish, my father desires to admit me to a good school in Kathmandu City, the capital of Nepal. Now, I am pleased to be here at Neric Academy. It is like a dreamland for newcomers who are like me. My principal, Mana Khatri, is our class teacher. He teaches us a new subject Samajik Adhyan. I called it new because we were studying social studies in junior grades in English medium. It was suitable for us in English but when it came in Nepali, it became very difficult for us. The terms we could understand in English are not comprehensible to us in Nepali. And, we forget them in a very short period. To teach this subject, a teacher needs knowledge and skills both at once. On the one hand, I was from the village. So my English was not so good. On the other hand, Social Studies was in Nepali, and my Nepali writing and reading were also not excellent. Because of my ethnic background also, I was lacking behind in my studies, in my opinion.

The first day, when I came to Neric Academy, I was in a dilemma; whether to go to the classroom or not. In the school with a large compound I was feeling lonely, despite my auntie and uncle being there to drop me off.

Once the Assembly got over, I looked outside from the Principal’s office window. I found some friends who were taking baskets and roaming around the school grounds. Some of the others were in the garden side and junior blocks. They were collecting rappers, papers, and pebbles. They were quite excited. Later I watched the walls of the school building, they were fully decorated and full of popular decorations. Among them, I read one, “If you want to reach the honey, make a company of bees. And, if you want to reach the garbage, make a company of flies.” Then I immediately decided to go to the class. When I reached the classroom, I could not feel it was the classroom. It was like my home. The walls were full of traditional items like; Dali, Doko, Namlo, Madani, Kodalo, Madal, Damphu, Halo, Juwa, Kucho, Chimta, and so on. Wow! I loved the class. It was a unique way of decorating the classroom. It was like a heritage in reality. Later, I talked to my friends, and they said that all were collected by the students of grade nine. I found them very cooperative. Even in the subject discussion, project works, assignment correction, and games and sports, they were (are) supportive. I felt it was the school I was looking for. I thanked my dad by heart! In comparison to my previous school, it is a bit strict in discipline. It does not make us only memorize the lines of books, it involves us in daily activities. It encourages us to take risks and responsibilities. It teaches us to be accountable too through assembly conductions, house wall magazines, classroom decorations, games and sports, projects, and programs. I also took part in assembly conductions and school prefects and election processes. Now, I feel I have been receiving sufficient exposure to sharpen my mind, fill my heart and develop my thoughts. Finally, I must say thank you to my Dad, uncle and auntie once again. Your contribution will be my success! Thank you once again to Neric Academy. Name: Spandan Roka Magar Neric Academy, Shankhamul Grade: 9