Makai Ghar: Crazy about corn

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Makai Ghar: Crazy about corn

A restaurant whose key element for every dish is corn. Sounds like an intriguing concept but you wonder if it will be a bit of an overkill?  We have had our fair share of disappointing experiences with restaurants that specialize in dishes around one core element. We won’t name them but think bananas.

Still we thought we would give such restaurants one more chance, and luckily, we ended up at ‘Makai Ghar’. The name suggests that the dishes you get in the restaurant have maize in some form in them. But what’s good about this place is the owner knows what he is doing. The owner grew up having makai ko roti as a child. He has experimented with the ingredient to bring the best out of its flavor, and we found the recipes to be flawless.

One of the best dishes served here is the makai roti set. It is two chapatis, fermented spinach, radish pickle, tomato and coriander pickle, fried bitter gourd, spinach, and a bowl of chicken, mutton, or potatoes and green beans if you are a vegetarian. The dish comes with curd and a red cherry pepper chili to add up extra spice. It’s the perfect meal. It’s healthy and different.

Their next best item on the menu is pizza with corn chapatis as its base. The combination does feel weird at first. But let us assure you, it’s because we haven’t had anything like it before. The pizza is absolutely delicious. The toppings are perfectly in sync with the corn base. And the best part is the dish is so light that you can have that pizza alone. 

We also really enjoyed the starters they served. We recommend you try crispy corn, and makai sadheko. Both of these dishes use sweetcorn with ingredients that balance out the flavors. They also serve other dishes, and khana set for those who don’t want corn in their food. 

What makes these dishes extra special is the ambiance of the place. The place looks like a typical village home, with dried maize hanging from the verandah. You will also see a small area polished with mud where red cherry chili peppers are kept to dry. They also have dhiki, an authentic Nepali mixing tool made of two stones, on display. 

Their specials:

  • Makai roti set
  • Makai pizza  
  • Crispy corn

Opening hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm

Location: Shankhamul

Meal for 2: Rs 1,000

Online Payment: Not accepted

Call: 9813364107

Parking Space: Available for bikes

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