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Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant: Healthy and tasty food

Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant: Healthy and tasty food
Being a non-vegetarian, vegan restaurants have never been my go-to places. I always felt like there wouldn’t be much for me to try on their menus. To be very honest, I thought I wouldn’t like anything. But recently, someone I know recommended that I visit the Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant. It’s the first ever vegan restaurant opened in Nepal. I must say I’m glad I visited the place. I wasn’t expecting much but I was plesantly surprised.  The restaurant is located at Sorakhutte, Kathmandu. Although the location is not easily accessible and has limited parking space, the place was quite packed. Turns out, it’s quite popular amongst vegans. As we walked in, we noticed that the restaurant’s interiors were made of bamboo. It was quite pretty to look at. Even though the area is surrounded by tall buildings, that doesn’t take away from the ambience of this restaurant. The place is calm and cozy. 

After we settled, we wanted to dig into the menu right away. We recommend you to start with Mushroom Pakoda. It’s a perfect appetizer. It’s deep-fried mushrooms served with ketchup. It’s the crisp you feel in every bite you take that makes this dish so appealing. The presentation was minimal and I believe nothing can go wrong with this dish. So you can expect consistency every time you order.

Next we tried Sausage Chilli and Seitan Sadeko. The sausages were made of beetroot, and seitan is a gluten-based vegan substitute for meat. At first, I was quite skeptical about trying them. I think non-vegetarians can relate to that. But these dishes were exceptionally good. They are packed with flavors and you can’t stop but want some more of it. It’s not as good as meat but it’s best not to compare. These dishes, in their own way, are quite tasty.  Also, try Ragi Crepe. It’s a simple Nepali dish—fapar (buckwheat) ko roti—elevated into something more presentable and tasty. The fillings include tofu and egg combined with different Nepali flavors. There was some ketchup and mayonnaise on the side.  Then the next thing we tried was Spaghetti Red Sauce. Cheese is a must when it comes to spaghetti. So I was a bit worried that this dish would be served without cheese. I was wrong. The spaghetti had cheese made out of cashews and it tasted fantastic. Honestly, I couldn’t notice much difference between this and the spaghetti I normally have. The noodles were well-cooked, and the red sauce had the perfect amount of flavor. I could have this meal on a daily basis.  We also tried Hello Two, a vegan dessert. Ice-cream was the main ingredient of this dish. And who knew vegan ice-cream could taste so good? The desert was outstanding. And the presentation was quite appealing too. Ice-cream was artistically placed in a bowl on top of chocolate-based biscuit powder. Pomegranate, apple, and banana were used as garnish. I never thought I would love a vegan restaurant so much. I suppose I’ll visit the place again. Although their menu is limited, they offer food from different cuisines and everything is freshly made. The ingredients are organic and locally sourced. It’s a place for healthy yet tasty dishes.  Their specials:

  • Seitan Sadeko
  • Sausage Chilly
  • Ragi Crepe
Location: Sorhakhutte, Kathmandu Meal for two: Rs 1500 Opening hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Contact: 9813738956 Online payment: Accepted Parking: Available