Every story is similar

But never the same.

Sometimes, it might feel like a war

But life is just as through an aim.


Aim makes many stops

At major points of one’s life fight,

Even when your smile drops

A good moment is never out of sight.


People say happiness doesn’t last forever

But so doesn’t misery,

That’s the thing, they don’t understand ever

The thought of it is kind a scary.


It’s scary because they easily forget

The value the worth of being alive 

It’s scary because all they know is hate

Their minds, full of thoughts, buzzing like a bee’s hive.


Though every life ever born

It’s beautiful, that’s why to strive

Life isn’t paper to be torn

So,even in great sorrow you’ll enjoy it if you thrive.


Asma Miya

Grade: 7 

Meridian International School

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