Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill: Busy for a reason

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill: Busy for a reason

It’s impossible for Nepalis to get bored of daal-bhat. For many of us, it’s the ideal go-to meal at any time of the day. So, it’s no wonder why there are so many restaurants serving thakali khana in Kathmandu (and the rest of Nepal too!). But there are only a few places that capture its essence. Jimbu Thakali is one of the most popular Thakali establishments in Kathmandu. With branches in Lazimpat, Baneshwor, and Jhamsikhel, it’s a thriving business so much so that you will most probably have to wait for a table every time you go there.

We tried their chicken khana. It was fresh and served hot. The food is slightly on the oilier side and it can be a little spicy for those who can’t tolerate much heat. Our issue was there was no tarkari—just spinach and fried potatoes. Also, with so many customers at any given time of the day, the service is a tad bit slow. When you find yourself waiting to be served a second round, you sometimes lose your appetite.

But you don’t have to choose from the khana sets only. There are other items on the menu that are really good. We love their starters. The chips chili was mouth-watering as were the mutton momos. We also recommend the timur chicken and spicy chicken nuggets. They are both crisp and light—great as snacks but not filling at all. The dip could have, however, been better. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well as some specialties that we have heard great things about. We didn’t find any flaws as far as the ambiance was concerned. The place is clean, comforting, and spacious. There are both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. And in the winter months, sitting under the sun as you indulge in some good food and conversation can make for a delightful time.

Their specials: 

  • Thakali khana set
  • Timur chicken
  • Mutton momo

Location: Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Card/Online payment: Accepted 

Meal for two: Rs 2,000

Reservation: 01-5544011

Parking space: Ample

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