How people are planning for future lockdowns

Nishan Khatiwada

Nishan Khatiwada

How people are planning for future lockdowns

APEX talked to different folks on how they plan to spend their time during the extended lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown has affected people from all walks of lives. And by the looks of things, lockdowns are set to continue, in one form or the other. APEX talked to different folks on how they plan to spend their time during the extended lockdown.

Start farming

Dipak Bhattarai, 33, taxi driver

Like others, I have been compelled to think about sustaining my family amid the crisis. If this continues for some time, I am going to quit driving and start modern vegetable farming, and animal husbandry. I can use my taxi to transport the produce. I am sure agriculture will survive even if other occupations fail. 

Watch sports

Bibek Kumar Yadav, 19, medical student

I am currently pursuing my MBBS. I have to spend a lot of time on my studies. I don’t think that will change even during the lockdown. But I also have a hobby of watching sports on TV. I think if the crisis continues, I will spend most of my leisure time watching sports, and with my mobile phone. Even in a crisis, I like to stay connected with my friends. 

Listen to good music

Dikshya Bista, 24, receptionist

As I work with a TV channel, I have to go to my workplace even during the lockdown. I go to office everyday. I figure the lockdown won’t change my lifestyle and routines much. However, I am practicing social distancing and taking other precautions while at work. Whenever I get a bit of free time, I play some good music. 

Get a new job?

Mukesh Raj Ranjitkar, 48, businessman

I run a printing press. Right now, there is no business aside from urgent work. I can’t immediately switch to other businesses even if the lockdown continues. But, if it goes long, and survival gets difficult, I will consider taking up something else, where I can use my expertise. I think it is about time we stopped discriminating between big and small works.

Take care of the needy

Jeshika Basnet, 18, student

I intend to take online classes and learn new stuff as I think it is a suitable time for that. To begin with, I must stay safe and have positive attitude. There are many poor people as well as animals out there that are suffering. If the lockdown continues, I will help them to the best of my ability. For example, I can give them food. 

Write a novel

Shantiraj Rai, 26, journalist

As I am working in the media, it is my duty to update myself as well as others. I have reduced the number of people I meet. But I need to go to the field for work despite the lockdown. If it continues, I will continue my work and read self-motivation books. In that case, I am also planning to write a novel.

Try making new dishes

Sudip Poudel, 27, finance executive

Life won’t be normal if the lockdown continues. I don’t need to go to work and life is loaded with free time. I am a foodie and fond of cooking. I will try new dishes like whole fish grilled and different chicken items. I also feel happy spending time with my family.

Pick up a book

Sangita Basnet, 20, cashier

I work in a finance company that is open even during the lockdown. So, I have a normal routine. But I am concerned about my studies. If the lockdown continues, I am planning to read all course books myself. Whenever I feel bored, I will pick up a book.

Deep into literature

Rupak Adikari, 29, writer

If the crisis continues, I will be working on my next novel. Currently, I motivate myself by listening to the Bhagavad Gita. I am looking for gifts to give to admirers of literature. While I take care of my health and my family, I will also be doing more literary stuff.

Watch Korean movies

Rakshya Baral, 25, accountant

I am helping out in our factory that bottles drinking water. I take care of the accounts and other office-works. As we are not shut, I will proceed with my routine job if the lockdown continues. Most of my leisure time is spent on TikTok. I will watch as many Korean movie series as I can. I am not a bibliophile, so reading is not an option.