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Hot air to continue for next five days

Hot air to continue for next five days
Hot air or loo is likely to continue in the Tarai belt of the country. The Weather Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology urged one and all to adopt necessary alert measures to keep protected from the possible consequences. Issuing a special bulletin on hot air and loo, the Division urged the public to remain cautious of the abrupt rise in maximum and minimum temperatures and subsequent effects in the southern plain areas for at least next five days.

'As per the study and analysis of lower and upper environments, it seems this year's monsoon arrival will still take some more days in Nepal. Thus, hot air and loo will continue to prevail in the southern plains of the country for additional five days. The general public are requested to adopt cautionary measures to get protected from rising temperature', the bulletin stated.

As temperature is predicted to gradually increase in the mountainous areas as well, the general public are asked to remain updated on the alerts issued by the division, the bulletin noted. Meteorologist Govinda Kumar Jha said loo is predicted to prevail for next five days. 'Loo has continued in most of the territories of Tarai for the past couple of days. Temperature has exceeded 40 degree Celsius from the central part of Tarai to Bhairahawa area. Areas, including Nepalgunj also have witnessed 40 plus degree temperature which has resulted in hot waves', he further shared. Loo is a strong hot wind which is considered to prevail when temperature continuously remains 40 plus degree Celsius for five days. Meteorologist Jha further said loo was prevailing with the rise in temperature and dryness in lack of rain. Presently there is a higher effect of westerly wind and local wind in the country. It is predicted that mountainous belts of the country will witness partial to general changes. The Kathmandu Valley has witnessed minimum temperature of 17.5 degree and maximum 32 degree Celsius today.