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Gururaj Ghimire: Deuba must quit to save a sinking NC

Gururaj Ghimire: Deuba must quit to save a sinking NC

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has come under heavy criticism from within the party for his role in breaking the five-party ruling alliance with the CPN (Maoist Center) and other fringe parties, something which made way for a ruling dispensation comprising the Maoist party, the CPN-UML and other fringe parties. Questions have also arisen as to what the NC will do next after this debacle that has ended up consigning the largest party in the parliament to the opposition bench in the federal parliament and the provincial assemblies.   In this context, Pratik Ghimire of ApEx talked to Gururaj Ghimire, a Congress leader.

Why did the NC-Maoist coalition fail?

In the coalition, I feel that every party has the right to claim the prime minister’s position. Dahal had openly asked for it. Chitra Bahadur KC too could have asked for it as he was among the veterans. So could have Loktantrik Samajbadi Party as no one from Madheshi communities has become Nepal’s prime minister as yet. We have discussed these agendas too. But in our party, people around Deuba cultivated in the Congress this mindset that the party should lead the government. For me, it’s not only the fault of the Maoists, but also the incapability of our party.

What will be the political scenario now?

There is a chance of the UML and the Maoist party uniting once again and CPN (US) becoming a part of it|. Together, they could be the largest party, which means the Congress losing everything in the federal and provincial cabinets. Our party should have thought about a possible scenario like this. Despite being the largest party, we have lost everything. This has impacted our cadres across the nation and I feel there is no way out for us for the next 10-15 years.

How will this impact the next general election?

We will have to compete with a mighty communist party, which is not an easy job. We felt it in the 2017 elections. The rise of the Rastriya Swatantra Party is also a matter of concern. They took the deputy prime minister and the home ministry. They will aggressively expand their party now, which will pose a serious challenge for us. This party has many advantages and options to attract the votes. There are multiple hurdles for us now, some more will come up in coming years.

What do you think of Deuba leadership?

There was an established narrative that our party president could easily handle the inter-party alliances. Even in our general convention, there was no discussion on the agendas. The only thing that came under discussion was Deuba’s capacity to give continuity to the alliance. But this narrative is no longer valid. I have only one expectation from him now. Deuba must admit he is not capable of running the party, should resign and make way for a new leadership. This must be discussed in our party meeting soon. If he doesn’t agree on this, there must be a call for a special convention to throw him out.

How do you see the future of NC?

If the party calls a special convention and manages all this mess, we will emerge stronger. But if this doesn’t happen and we wait for the current coalition to fail with the hope of rising again, I see a dark future for our party. This will lead our party to hell, literally. We need an aggressive reform in the party, at any cost.