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Good apps for Windows 10 PC

Good apps for Windows 10 PC

When Microsoft released its spanking new portable music player Zune in 2006, it was playing a game of catch up with Apple. Following the trend of the portable music players introduced by Apple, Microsoft designed the Zune Player, a device that was not inherently a bad product. But it was a case of too little, too late, thus failed astronomically. Microsoft made the same mistake with the Win­dows Phone in 2010, coming up with a new Phone OS, but it was very basic compared to its competitors. Today, Windows Phone has been completely replaced by Windows 10 Mobile, which in turn is heavily criticized for being clunky, buggy and unfinished.

Considering the unpopularity of the operating system, the Windows Store has also suffered as a result. Many pop­ular apps like YouTube are missing from the Store and it generally has a very low app count compared to the Play Store or the App Store. Even though hardly anyone uses a Windows Phone today, there are still some great Apps on the Windows Store that you can easily try out on your Windows 10 PC.  



Open Live Writer

Price  Free  


 If you’re someone with an active blog and regularly post on your website, Open Live Writer is the app for you. The Windows Store App immediately connects with your blog on start-up and will also download your blog theme. The app then uses the theme in the workspace, making it feel like you’re work­ing on the blog itself. The app works with all major blogging services including WordPress, Tumblr and TypePad. Very similar to Blogger from the past, Open Live Writer has a clean, non-cluttered interface that also comes packed with loads of features that help you take con­trol of your blog. Open Live Writer is a must try for all bloggers out there.  



Adobe Photoshop Express

Price Free

Adobe Photoshop has turned into a necessity in today’s digital world. There have been countless instances when you need a quick photo edit or a simple design when you realize that you don’t have Photoshop installed on your computer. For such situations, Adobe offers a free, simple app on Windows Store that works as well as the full-version of Photoshop.

While designing might not be possible on this Universal Platform app, it offers great photo editing tools such as noise reduction, spot healing tools, and filters. Adobe Photo­shop Express is just the app you need for those quick photo edits.  



Microsoft To-Do

Price Free

There are plenty of To-Do List apps on all mobile markets to choose from, however, Microsoft’s To-Do List app deserves a recom­mendation purely based on its simplicity and great design. The app starts with a nice My Day tab that consolidates everything you need to work on for the day. It also has options for creating multiple lists while working on all devices for continuity. On a Windows 10 PC, it sends out helpful push notifications for your list items. The Microsoft To-Do is a joy to use solely because it is beautiful to navigate while also being clean and simple.