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'Earning by learning, learning by earning program' in Gandaki

'Earning by learning, learning by earning program' in Gandaki
The Gandaki Province government has decided to extend support for the operation of 'learning by earning, earning by learning' program in public schools running technical and vocational education. It was included in the Gandaki Province government's annual policies and programs for the fiscal year 2080/81. An umbrella act will be framed to effectively implement technical education through one door policy within the province.

The province has put forth a plan to formulate scholarship procedural guideline to expand the access to higher education of the most disadvantaged, Dalit, people with disability, children of conflict survivors

The province policies and programs have also included a measure to bring into mainstream the religious schools and alternative schools. The Gandaki government has come up with a plan to include the contents related to moral education, art, language, culture, customs, nationalities, history, natural, religious, mythological, literature, gender mainstreaming and disaster risk reduction in the school curriculum. Under the 'province government with public campus', the Gandaki Province was planning to provide incentives based on the capacity and performance of all public campuses across the country. The province policy and program also included a plan to construct and operate a well-equipped residential school in collaboration with federal and local governments for the assurance of the right to education of the children having intellectual disability.