Drug abuse cases on the rise in Kanchanpur



Drug abuse cases on the rise in Kanchanpur

The cases of drug abuse and smuggling have increased sharply in the past three years in Kanchanpur. Youths carrying drugs as brown sugar, charas, and nitro vet are arrested on a daily basis.

In one and half month of the current fiscal year alone, 31 youths including three Indians were arrested for drug supply. “The people with illegal drug are arrested every day,” said Police Inspector at District Police Office, Bharat Giri, adding that youths are indulged in drug abuse.

He warned that if the parents, society and all tiers of governments ignore this problem, it would emerge more seriously and challenging.

Till date in the current fiscal year, police confiscated 127.07 grams of brown sugar, 2.24 charas, and 255 tablets of nitro vet.  Similarly, 11 cases have been filed against drug trafficking. Inspector Giri added that the data showed rising cases of drug abuse and trafficking.

Police in plain clothes have been mobilized for taking under control the wrongdoers, while the police, community police and traffic police offices have been conducting public awareness programmes.

In the fiscal year, 2076/77, total 55 cases were registered against drug abuse and supply, while it ratcheted up to 143 in 2078/79BS.

The data maintained by police revealed that those involved in drug abuse and trafficking were held from Punarbas, Balauri, Beldandi and Dodhara Chandani which share open border to India.

The Police Office has taken under control 33 Indian nationals in this connection since 2076.  Even an Indian drug smuggler was killed in the skirmish with police while he was supplying drug at border area of Belauri Municipality.

There were 141 cases filed against drug smuggling in the fiscal year, 2077/78.

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