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Donut Drool: All about fluffs and flavors

Donut Drool: All about fluffs and flavors
Donuts are my escape. It’s a comfort food I crave on a bad day, which is how I ended up at Donut Drool in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. They serve some of the best donuts with a wide range of flavors. Their other outlet is in Dhapasi, Kathmandu, where you can only get takeaways. But rather than bringing a box of donuts home, I like to enjoy them at the shop itself. For me, something about takeaways doesn’t feel right. So I prefer the one in Pulchowk since they have a dining facility, as well as some great options for drinks.  I was a bit worried that the place would be noisy and polluted, since it’s located on a main street. Luckily, I was wrong. The place is calm, clean, and cozy. And you don’t need to worry about parking. The place has enough space for both two and four-wheelers. When I entered, I noticed that the place had minimalist designs. Everything in the room compliments one another, from furniture to potted plants placed in the corners of the restaurant. Also, their leather couch-like armchairs looked comfortable and elegant. The bakery has a self-service system. So, a customer needs to order their donuts at the counter. As I stood there, I was overwhelmed by the variety of donuts that were on display. I realized that no matter who visits the restaurant, they will find something they like. 

For my order, I asked one of the staff members to recommend some of their best selling treats. Their first recommendation was the Custard Donut. It’s a fluffy and crispy baked dough that is filled with custard. The moment I took a bite, I could taste the creamy and milky richness of the custard, which went perfectly with the crispy texture of the donut. It’s definitely one of the best custard donuts I have had so far.  

Their next suggestion was the Dora Cake. I believe this is the best option for anyone who enjoys chocolate. It’s a chocolate glazed donut filled with melted chocolate that has a hint of coffee for some extra flavor. Usually, I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to chocolate donuts. I don’t like it when the chocolate becomes overpowering. But Dora Cake was perfect. The bitterness of the coffee balanced the sweetness of the chocolate.  Since I wanted to try something with berries, I placed an order for a Strawberry Creamy Donut. This donut is served with a strawberry cream cheese filling inside, with fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze  on top. The best thing about this donut is that you won’t be dissatisfied with either its appearance or its flavor. There are also several other options like blueberries and raspberries that you can enjoy.  Besides flavors, the quality of their donuts is what makes them so special. From appearance to texture, everything is immaculate. With every bite, one can taste how fluffy yet crispy these donuts are. Also, they’re perfect for vegetarians, or anyone who avoids eggs since all of their products are eggless.  For beverages, they have some unique options. The one I tried was Hibiscus Tea. It’s a tea that’s brewed by extracting juice from hibiscus flowers. Its slightly sour taste goes well with the sweet treats. The other drink I enjoyed was Iced Matcha Latte. Even if you aren’t a big fan of matcha, you can go for the safest drink there on the menu: Chocolate Mocha. One should definitely visit Donut Drool if you are looking forward to enjoying some of the best donuts with different flavors. And the place is not that expensive. You will definitely find something that is under your budget. Price depends on the ingredients that are used. For instance, the ones with blueberries will cost you a little more than others since the ingredient itself is expensive. But no matter what you order, you are in for a treat.  Their specials:

  • Custard Donut
  • Dora Cake
  • Strawberry Creamy Donut
Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur Meal for two: Rs 800 Opening hours: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Contact: 9824163649 Online Payment: Accepted Parking: Available