Burger Shack: Possibly the best burger place in K-town

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

Burger Shack: Possibly the best burger place in K-town

We came across Burger Shack when we were on a burger hunt in Kathmandu. We wanted to find out where we could get some really good burgers. We visited a lot of places and liked many of them but Burger Shack blew our minds. This is the place we will be returning to when we want burgers from now on.

It has three outlets—in Kamaladi, Sanepa, and Jawalakhel. The burgers taste the same in all three places. We were quite impressed with the consistency. But we prefer the one in Kamaladi as it has a bigger seating area than the other outlets.  

The burgers here are to die for. One of their bestsellers is the Baconiser. It’s basically crispy bacon in a bun but there are other fillings too that nicely balance out the flavors. The fillings ooze out as you bite into it but the burger is worth the mess you make.

For neat freaks, they have the Hissi Mini, a set of four mini-burgers. These are easier to eat because of their comparatively smaller size and you don’t make a mess either. But the taste is the same as their regular burgers. We think these are fun to eat on the go.  

If you don’t want to start with burgers and would rather ease into the meal, then there are plenty of options for that too. Burger Shack has a nice variety of starters. We recommend the Bacon Cheese Fries. It’s exactly what the name suggests: bacon, cheese, and fries. It’s delightful and just right for two people to share.  

To wash down the scrumptious meal, we suggest you opt for something refreshing rather than a milkshake. A milkshake burger combination feels a little too heavy. Whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed with the place.

Their specials

  • Baconiser
  • Bacon Cheese Fries
  • Hissi Mini

Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm

Locations: Kamaladi, Sanepa, Jawalakhel

Meal for 2: Rs 1,500

Online/Card Payment: Accepted

Reservations: 9813214458/980844708

Parking Space: Not available

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