AMN launches ‘Unity for Sustainability’ campaign

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express

AMN launches ‘Unity for Sustainability’ campaign

To fight climate change individual steps are not enough and all stakeholders need to jointly work and raise their voices

Annapurna Media Network (AMN), a leading media house in Nepal, has launched a two-year ‘Unity for Sustainability’ campaign which aims to collaborate with concerned stakeholders on climate change issues.

The campaign, which will come into force on 1 January 2022, was announced amid a special function in Kathmandu on November 24.

To fight climate change individual steps are not enough and all stakeholders need to jointly work and raise their voices. Right now, these stakeholders are not working in unison and there is a lack of coordination, and hence no concrete output. AMN hopes to change this state of affairs by bringing together climate stakeholders and fostering meaningful interactions between them.

Inaugurating the campaign, AMN Chairman Capt. Rameshwar Thapa said we are passing through a severe climate crisis so all stakeholders must be united and work in collaboration. “Annapurna Media Network will raise the issue of climate change in a vibrant and profound way. Our news, editorial, and other news items need to be refined in line with the crisis caused by climate change,” he said. 

Stating that we are passing through a phase of climate crisis, Chairman Thapa urged concerned stakeholders to join hands on climate change issues. This is our both professional and social responsibility and our campaign will enhance dialogue on climate change issues, he said.

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Sachan Thapa, Director, AMN, reiterated the group’s commitment to consistently take up the climate agenda, with the goal of bringing meaningful changes to Nepal’s climate policies. Not just that. AMN, he said, wants to articulate Nepal’s collective voice as the country cries out for climate justice and for compensation from the biggest polluters in the world. “Towards this goal, we are ready to partner with any interested party that wants to use our platforms to disseminate climate awareness and to help Nepal meet its climate-related goals, including the ones made at the recent COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.”

Biswas Baral, Editor-In-Chief of The Annapurna Express, said AMN’s latest commitment is to consistently champion the climate agenda in Nepal and help the country deal with what is an increasingly growing menace. And we believe it is the Nepali youth who have to take ownership of this agenda now. The Annapurna Express will help them do so, he said. Baral further said: “As a part of our focus on youth and climate change, we will be publishing exclusive features on a weekly basis. These will help the youth understand climate change, but also give them an understanding of how they can personally contribute to stopping the phenomena.”

Akhanda Bhandari, editor of Annapurna Post, Shambhu Kattel, Annapurna Post Digital news Chief, Tikaram Yatri, Chief Editor AP1 TV and, Shiromani Dawadi, Station Manager at Annapurna Radio presented their respective plans on how to cover the climate change issues in the outlets they lead. AMN's media outlets are working on different climate change themes. 

As the country witnesses more and more extreme weather events and our lives and livelihoods witness drastic changes, it is vital that our youths be made aware of climate change and its deleterious impact as early as possible. This means including climate change in school and college curriculum, and this is also something The Annapurna Express will push for.