2nd Triangle Conference on ‘energy’

The Annapurna Express

The Annapurna Express


The Annapurna Express is set to organize The Triangle Conference on Dec 14-16 in Kathmandu. This will be the second time that the ApEx will be organizing such an event. 

The theme of this conference will be Nepal’s energy sector—it’s generation, distribution, and consumption. In six sessions spread over three days, we will have representatives from political parties, MPs, bureaucrats, and investors plus our planners and policymakers discussing the different angles in the energy sector, energy vision for Nepal, alternative power, sustainable consumption, and policy issues. 

We here at The Annapurna Express believe that when all the angles of energy sectors align, the country moves towards prosperity. But even a little non-alignment between them can disrupt the entire system. In the absence of dialogue between stakeholders, they are often pursuing other, often contradictory, goals.

Last year in Nov, The Triangle Conference was based on government, academia, and economy—the three pillars of the country. 

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