How dare you

We can see the unfolding furies and passions of people separating into two battle lines as Thunberg blows the conch shell over what may be the biggest battle of humanity

Sushma Joshi

Gandhi and Nepali foreign policy

Nepal’s national interest is seen as best served when it is not too seduced by Gandhi’s homeland and spreads its eggs over multiple baskets

Biswas Baral

School shock

One thing that possibly underlies all the varied experiences of Nepali students travelling and studying overseas is the academic culture shock

Sanjeev Dahal and Roshani Dhamala

Nepal and China: Mother of all gambles

India and China have always presented Nepal with complicated geopolitical challenges, and there has never been an easy choice for us

Biswas Baral

Nepali-Chini bhai-bhai

How can they even see eye-to-eye, much less sign a pact of everlasting friendship and mutual learning? But even while the recent bonhomie between Nepal’s NCP and China’s CPC seems farfetched, they also have a lot in common The fear is that the NCP...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Vault of history XXX: Communism and taxi

Following a 1961 agreement to build a highway linking Kathmandu with Kodari, there was incessant talk in Nepal about how communism would easily travel here India was alarmed; it feared such a road link would pose a threat to its security. Western countries...

Hari Bahadur Thapa

Diplomatic License IPS and buts to consider for Xi

For China, Nepal’s packing orders to North Koreans were the latest sign that the US is getting disconcertingly active

Biswas Baral

Constitution and Tikapur

Most of the locals are unhappy at what they see as injustice done to Resham Chaudhary. The calm is also illusory. As local politicians put it, it will take only a spark to start another conflagration. The third phase will start after marking September...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

The burning of Brazil

How the world responds to the apocalyptic devastation of Brazil now will be a test not just of our commitment to climate change, but also to our ideas of fairness and equality

Sushma Joshi

Parliament asks the government to sell Chinese planes

NAC was incurring constant losses by operating these aircraft, and that the Chinese side had not provided necessary support. Nepal had purchased the aircraft as they were considered suitable for flights in mountainous terrains and for small airports

Raju Baskota

Villages sans youths

Villages in Udayapur district are becoming deserted as more and more youngsters leave for foreign employment “With the absence of youths in the villages, we face difficulty managing even simple tasks. It’s harder still in times of crises. And festivals...

Bharat Khadka

Bargaining over a corpse

Hospital staff say the police demand anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 2,000 from the families of the deceased, telling them they would be spared unnecessary legal hassles if they pay up.

Manika Jha

Democratic backsliding in Nepal

There has been an undeniable concentration of powers in the executive, and gradual weakening of the legislative and the judiciary

Biswas Baral

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