Many municipal hospitals short of mandatory beds

An administrative unit can be declared a municipality only after it has a hospital with at least 25 beds. Just seven of 32 municipalities in Province 5 meet this criteria. Of the 11 wards in Shivaraj municipality, only eight have health centers

Keshar Roka

A confident Nepal confronts India

Indian policy on Nepal is now geared toward accommodating Kathmandu after futile attempts to punish it for straying

Biswas Baral

Birth of a son brings joy, birth of a daughter brings...

To encourage couples to have daughters, the provincial government has started opening a bank account in the name of all girls born in Karnali Province and depositing Rs 500 every month in their account for 20 years | PHOTO: Hikmat Bahadur Nepali


Rasuwagadhi for roads

The impatient Rasuagadhi locals, though dejected with the slow work of their government, have their fingers crossed. Most are optimistic that even though it may take some time, better roads to China are an inevitability | PHOTO: Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

After the Americans, Russians

In the American eyes, Putin has no business in Nepal except to act as China’s enabler and spoiler of American Indo-Pacific dreams

Biswas Baral

Nepalis’ funeral rites in India

Residents of Mechinagar-6 and 7 in the south-eastern district of Jhapa have been performing funeral rites in Indian land across the Mechi River. Locals complain that elected representatives have not paid attention to this matter.

Radha Khanal

Chinese ‘debt trap’ train in Kenya

If the Chinese railway ever enters Nepal, we could face the same questions that the Kenyans confront today

Biswas Baral

Upper Mustang getting an airport

Minister Bhattarai says he does not anticipate problems as airports have been built in many such high altitude areas throughout the world | PHOTO: Tasi Dhunduk Thakuri

Sundarkumar Thakali

Onus on India to take the first step

Arrayed against India’s ‘national security’ will be Nepal’s ‘territorial integrity’. These are not issues that lend themselves to easy compromise. But that does not mean Kalapani is unsolvable. The Indian establishment argues that Kalapani is very crucial...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

The Kalapani conundrum

With Nepal now its ‘strategic partner’ will China stand as firmly with Nepal on Kalapani as it does with, say, Pakistan on Kashmir?

Biswas Baral

Kalapani genie out of the bottle again

The ongoing protests over the occupation of Kalapani is a diplomatic tinderbox for the communist government

Biswas Baral

The US ‘satisfied’ with Nepal’s efforts to repatriate...

As the UN Security Council deadline for the repatriation of all North Korean workers draws closer, a senior US government official says Nepal is making ‘good progress’ in implementing the Dec 22, 2017 Security Council resolution. As per the resolution,...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Dissecting Nepal’s ‘strategic partnership’ with China

Nepal-China economic integration is unstoppable. So it is sensible for India to take the opportunity to extend the proposed high-speed railway all the way down to the port in Kolkata in order to more closely tie the three countries in a complex web of...


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