Making sense of the BRB-Yadav ‘socialist’ unity

Analyst believe that if the Samajbadi Party Nepal and the RJPN stage street protests together in order to press for a constitution amendment, it would make it easier for Pushpa Kamal Dahal to wrest the prime minister’s position from Oli

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Neither water nor electricity for landless squatters

Dalit squatters living in thatched shacks in Malika rural municipality of Gulmi district | Keshar Rokka


North Korean racket

Most North Koreans in Nepal are on business (not work) visas, and the North Korean Embassy facilitates their stay and work here. The fear is that their investments could end up in the hands of the rough North Korean regime

Shambhu Kattel

China cultivates ties with political parties of all...

China seems to have a policy of working closely with whichever party comes to power in Nepal. Ideology does not appear to be a dominant factor. It’s not just Nepali leaders who go to China; visits to Nepal by Chinese leaders have also intensified over...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Minister helps arrange child marriage

Province 2 State Minister Suresh Mandal (in pink kurta) during the wedding ceremony of Radha Mallik | AMN


With the fate of federalism riding on it

A fair and equitable sharing of natural and fiscal resources among the three governments remains a challenge, but is a prerequisite for the effective functioning of the new federal model

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Grave risks of further delaying transitional justice

Observers say failure to amicably settle war-era human rights cases would attract the wrong kind of international attention. Averting such a scenario requires Nepal to address the issue through credible national mechanisms by taking all stakeholders on...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

How the ban came about andhow long it will stay in...

The 1977 telegram titled ‘Audience with King Birendra-Narcotics’, now available via WikiLeaks, indicates the kind of coercive American approach that was employed for the criminalization of cannabis in Nepal

Sunny Mahat

Three generations sans citizenship certificates

A Musahar family from Lahan without citizenship certificates | Shambhu Yadav


A giant step towards ending Nepal’s ‘India-locked’...

Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speak during a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China June 21, 2018 | REUTERS

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

On the eve of the President’s visit, how is Beijing...

Perhaps we can make the Chinese see that American presence in Nepal predates the start of the communist rule in their country. The Americans too could be more receptive to the idea of close cooperation between two age-old neighbors

Chandra Shekhar Adhikari

Raute children studying to get jobs

Raute children of Ratekhola in Surkhet district studying under the sun


Tornado survivors struggle to get back on their feet

Kabita Ram takes refuge with her newborn at a temporary shelter in Pheta VDC, Bara | Khim Lamichhane Kazi

Rajkaran Mahato

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