What if… the 2015 constitution had been delayed?

In the desperate post-earthquake days, all major parties had to compromise on their agendas to give the country a way out. But they failed to have Madhesi parties on board | Photo: RSS

Pratik Ghimire

What if… the constitution had been delayed?

While Kathmandu and many mountainous communities celebrated the constitution—which had been seven years in the making at a cost of around $5 billion—parts of Tarai-Madhes marked it as a ‘black day’ | Photo: RSS

Pratik Ghimire

What if… we could drastically reduce our waste?

If Kathmandu were to reduce consumption and segregate waste, Banchare Danda, an under-construction landfill site in Nuwakot, won’t go the Sisdol-way

Cilla Khatry

What if… there were no Tootle or Pathao?

If Kathmandu didn’t offer ride-sharing services, many, especially women without their own vehicles, wouldn’t be able to work odd hours that various competitive jobs sometimes ask for, further tipping the scale in men’s favor

Cilla Khatry

What if... rapes were punishable by death?

Experts ApEx spoke to say if Nepal had the provision of death for rape, it would not only be a regressive step for the judicial system and the society but it would most certainly be misused

Cilla Khatry

What if… there were no Narayan Gopal?

Even after all these years, the fact that Narayan Gopal’s music still reigns supreme and not a single name has come close to replacing him suggests that his absence would have left a huge void in Nepali music

Sunny Mahat

What if… there was no Maoist insurgency?

A report of the Internal Displacement Division Mission to Nepal released in 2005 estimates that as many as 200,000 people were displaced by the Maoist insurgency

Ashok Dahal