Spirituality | A 12-minute 4-7-8 breathing meditation

The 4-7-8 breath stands for: you inhale for a count of four, then you hold your breath for a count of seven, and then you exhale through your mouth through pursed lips for a count of eight

Ni-Cheng Liang

Spirituality | Can small farms—and large gardens—save...

Healthy soils absorb water and carbon dioxide, but the opposite is now occurring: once-vital soils are releasing water and carbon dioxide, resulting in desertification


Spirituality | How our perception of time shifts

Mindfulness is a practice that allows us to step out of the conceptual into the experiential, or put another way, it allows us to “wake up” to what is real right now

Matthias Birk

Spirituality | How to be mindful when it matters most

We have the capacity to return to that spacious mind that is free from stress, distractions, and judgments. I like to call that spacious mind “our field within”

Shalini Bahl-Milne

Spirituality | Winning mental health

Simone Biles during the women’s gymnastics final at the Tokyo Olympics | AP


Spirituality | Mindful expression: Immersion in the...

I have had forays into poetry; deep dives into the essence of the subject at hand. Dives that activate areas in the brain unlike much else

Tilly Campbell-Allen

Spirituality | Invite nature into your life

Nature restores, regenerates, and renews itself continually in a process of oscillation between activity and periods of rest

Kelly Barron

Spirituality | Habits for well-being

Rather than focusing on a specific object of attention, you keep your field of awareness open, allowing you to simply observe your thoughts and thereby become less reactive to emotions and sensory experiences


Spirituality | Why spirituality (sometimes) fails

For most, the inner call is a very distant one, an echo heard in silence. The traditions of enlightenment, light body formation, union with the unborn, have largely remained esoteric, hidden, and secret

Asa Hershoff

Spirituality | A guided practice to notice what’s present—and...

It is the empty space that actually gives things a shape and even makes them beautiful

Christopher Willard & Olivia Weisser

Spirituality | How mindfulness can heal healthcare

It’s time for health care to reclaim the mantle of modeling optimal ways of caring, beginning by caring for its own caregivers, so that their cups are full, and they can then more lovingly care for the rest of us

Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Spirituality | Trauma Dharma

Our physical form itself functions as a liquid-crystal matrix, with the fourth, magnetic stage of water

Asa Hershoff

Spirituality | Can mindfulness prevent people from...

A recent set of studies shows that while mindfulness may enhance self-awareness, it does not necessarily increase prosocial behavior

B Grace Bullock

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