Funny and wise: A book review

The highly imaginative stories—with touches of magical realism or science fiction—are uplifting and insightful. You can see yourself, or women in your lives, in them

Keyur Basnet

Real Turkish miracle : A movie review

While most Turkish movies I’ve watched have been frivolous ‘pass-times’, Miracle is a hard-hitting film made with all earnestness and deserving of every bit of attention it is getting

Sunny Mahat

Domestic drama done right : A book review

Though the plot is fairly simple and straightforward, there are quite a few twists and turns to make Frances’ debut novel a gripping read

Keyur Basnet

Class of ’83: The kind you can safely bunk

There seems to be general confusion on the portrayal of fact vs fiction, and this shows throughout. The film doesn’t stick to a line; it rather zigzags, confusing the audience

Sunny Mahat

An unforgettable heroine: A book review

Keiko Furukawa has always known that people find her strange. When she was in school, she saw a dead bird, and wanted to take it home to grill it for her father

Keyur Basnet

A window into modern Nepali politics

It’s worth a read for anyone even remotely interested in understanding the evolution of the Nepali political system


Raat Akeli Hai: Film noir murder mystery par excellence

Although it is a murder mystery with half a dozen suspects, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the investigating officer steals the show

Sunny Mahat

Meditations on religion : A book review

The book deserves a read as it makes you think and rethink about your faith

Keyur Basnet

Bir Baba Hindu: Hazy, jerky—and fun

The 2016 release is a goofy slapstick that makes fun of everything Indian—including Bollywood, Hindu religion and culture, as well as India’s liberator Mahatma Gandhi

Sunny Mahat

Life as it is : A book review

It’s a wonderful little story, brilliantly written, that takes your mind off things for a while

Keyur Basnet

Mama’s Boy: A Turkish delight to savor

Average performances in all fronts that compliment each other are what make Mama’s Boy enjoyable. But still, actor Shikoo playing the gangster Magdy deserves a special mention

Sunny Mahat

A not-to-be-missed Tamil thriller

The screen adaptation by Vetrimaaran is superbly adjusted to make it relatable to the audiences of developing South Asian countries

Sunny Mahat

Bleak but powerful

Bombay Stories feels as relevant today as it was when it was written over 70 years ago, though Manto did occasionally get tried for obscenity

Keyur Basnet

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