‘Seven’ on Netflix: Brilliant, bad, beat

The uncertainty and suspense in the plot keep it thrilling and interesting to watch up to a point. But as the movie progresses, the plot is lost, and the movie enters improbable and absurd territories

Sunny Mahat

Likable but not memorable : A book review

The book will have you contemplating about life and your beliefs while reinforcing the fact that abuse is never acceptable and that it can’t ever be a sign of love

Keyur Basnet

Anurag Kashyap gets it wrong

To justify its name, panic and chaos should have been at the heart of Choked, but they are rare and the movie’s tempo is never raised

Sunny Mahat

Short, sweet, and strictly for children

Despite some scenes that place children in danger, the story is largely a feel-good account of how children learn from their environment and adapt to it

Sunny Mahat

Betaal: The maddening maiden Indian zombie series

If you’ve seen zombie movies like “Night of the Living Dead,” “Train to Busan” or even “World War Z”, you’ll regret Betaal. We recommend you give it miss, or just fast-forward through the first episode if you’re very curious.

Sunny Mahat

Horrors of Holocaust : A book review

This is an important story not only because it’s about the power of hope in the gravest of situations but also because you realize the cost of war just isn’t worth it

Keyur Basnet

Hard to love these Lovebirds

It struggles to maintain the steady rhythm of an entertaining comedy and when the story moves to suspenseful moments and thrilling revelations, the lead-up is botched

Sunny Mahat

This is just wrong: A book review

Every scene seems superficial and stupid—and you can’t afford to do that when you have taken up a grave topic like suicide

Keyur Basnet

A useful primer on liberalism in Nepal

A combination of in-depth research and experience, the book’s simple presentation of different topics will be of immense help for all students of political economy

Saugat Gautam

How to kill a serial killer movie

‘Mrs. Serial Killer’ is proof that not all films that make it to Netflix’s trending list or create a buzz on social media are worth watching

Sunny Mahat

A portrait of a family: A book review

Schwarz is a skilled writer and has crafted her characters brilliantly. You love them and hate them at the same time as you see yourself in them

Keyur Basnet

An ode to Bollywood’s ‘minor’ actors

Directed by Hardik Mehta, Kamyaab uses Sudheer to tell a representational tale of hundreds of actors in Indian cinema who leave memorable trails through their supporting/character roles

Sunny Mahat

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