Movie Review | The Serpent: A masterpiece on Charles...

The only complaint with the producers, who have otherwise worked so hard: the use of Indian actors for Nepali characters

Sunny Mahat

Movie Review | Roohi: A horrendous horror comedy

To be blunt, “Roohi” doesn’t offer much to the audience. The plot itself is a ghastly attempt at replicating some successful Indian horror-comedies

Sunny Mahat

Book Review | Riveting retelling of Iliad

The sparse prose makes the story a riveting read where nothing seems stretched or unnecessary

Keyur Basnet

Book Review | The long view of Nepal-China ties

One of the first things that strikes you about the book is its neutral tone, as Mulmi holds back from asking Nepal to pick and choose between China, India and the US, the three main foreign powers discussed | Photo: Bookworm Store

Biswas Baral

Irul: A visual delight spoilt by saggy storytelling

Even as the writing and direction are on the sloppier side, superb acting and cinematography salvage the movie

Sunny Mahat

Love After Love: Such is life

It’s about the never-ending quest to find love, the loneliness in the absence of love, and how hope can keep you going in the most trying times

Keyur Basnet

Notes on a Nervous Planet: Life affirming ideas

You want to take Haig’s advice because you know they are tried and tested. He is witty too. In a way, reading the book makes you feel a little less lonely

Keyur Basnet

I Care A Lot: A delicious pick-your-demon drama

It is hard enough to get the audience engaged in your story; it’s a different ballgame altogether to be able to play with their minds

Sunny Mahat

Death is not as dark in Pagglait

The story of Pagglait is as colorful as its ensemble cast comprising of some of the most talented actors in India cinema

Sunny Mahat

Making sense of the world: A book review

Although grim and heartbreaking, Donoghue’s 11th novel mimics present-day Covid crisis and makes you feel a little less alone and doomed

Keyur Basnet

Manorama Six Feet Under: A thriller ahead of its time

Not a commercial success back in 2007, the film turns out to have a cult following with most critics giving it positive reviews

Sunny Mahat

The Giver of Stars: Warm and fuzzy

I give this book five out of five stars. If I could, I would give it more

Keyur Basnet

Saving Missy: Tender and thought-provoking

The book makes you want to spend a little more time with the elders in your family and not be in a rush to have a quick chat and leave

Keyur Basnet

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