Ramayana, by Sita

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award-winning and bestselling author, poet, activist and teacher of writing. Her work has been published widely, in magazines and anthologies, and her books translated into 29 languages. Several of her works have been...

Keyur Basnet

Housefull 4: An assault on intelligence

The pervasive lack of logic, repetitions and prejudice makes Housefull 4 difficult to watch. So much so that you loses all respect you gained for Kumar from his previous films.

Sunny Mahat

Blackfaces lay bare a hollow plot

Some characters are given blackfaces with the use of what looks like boot polish. They obviously couldn’t find dark-skinned actors to match their characters

Sunny Mahat

No point in Ponti

Sharlene Teo won the £10,000 Deborah Rogers Writers’ Award for her unpublished manuscript ‘Ponti’. Later, Picador bought the rights to it in a seven-way auction. The cover has a wonderful comment by Ian McEwan on it. When I bought the book, I had pretty...

Keyur Basnet

‘Cha Maya’ for the masses

Deepak-Deepa have finally chosen as their focal topic something that is not so ‘glamorous’ and has rarely been touched in Nepali films—water scarcity. Working with some of the finest actors in Nepali cinema, director Lama manages to get the best out of...

Sunny Mahat

Buy onions instead

The film is ridiculously lengthy for its trite story, the screenplay is lethargic, editing flawed at various points, and continuity breaks apart frequently. As audiences, a little nostalgia is never bad but, unfortunately, Raato Tika Nidhar Ma represents...

Sunny Mahat

A complete family entertainer

Despite some flaws, KKK is an all-out entertainer and also offers a great lesson to Nepali filmmakers—you don’t need to bar foreign films for box office success It is a wholehearted comedy that doesn’t rely on gimmicks like insult and sexualization to...

Sunny Mahat

A moving and meditative mystery

Elizabeth Is Missing is many things: a crime novel, a story about mental illness and dealing with mental illness, and a meditation on the complexities of aging

Keyur Basnet

A must-not-watch box-office bomb

The filmmakers seem to have no idea how to make a bearable movie or to properly spend their money. Many Nepali directors would kill to have that kind of budget The plot is simple and trite, yet perfect for a high-speed action thriller. But the film-making...

Sunny Mahat

Subaru XV: Strong punches

It is a solid car. All the elements in the XV are of high quality carefully put together to make this one complete package. The small, practical, family-friendly package makes the Subaru XV an instant recommendation.

Nepal Drives

Back to your college days

What makes the film good is that the director gets the best out of all supporting actors, even the ones in very small roles. Nobody seems out of place.

Sunny Mahat

Good concept poorly explained

If you have heard about Ikigai but don’t know much about it, the book might be able to give you a few ideas. But no more.

Keyur Basnet

A disastrous casting call

Marketed as “an obsessive love story”, one can neither feel the love nor the obsession in the two-hour runtime, thanks to a forgettable performance of lead actors

Sunny Mahat

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