A complete movie experience

It’s entertaining while it’s emotional. It’s funny while it’s serious. This movie will be remembered for generations to come and will go down in history books as a display of both the cultural and financial prowess of cinema


A tale of hope and courage

The novel might have been written for 10- to 12-year-olds, but adult readers will find it as engaging. It will kind of remind you of Nick Hornby’s ‘About a Boy’ but with its own unique aspects


A partition story for modern times

A tragic tale of six people whose lives are thrown asunder by India-Pakistan partition, Kalank offers a magnificent visual spectacle that transports us back in time to the 1940’s India


Gothic thriller with comic twist

It is a spectacular movie in the first half. It had me with the dark visuals, the gore, the funky rock music, and a clever plot. The second half felt underwhelming though. Character development was poor, the emotional scenes failed to connect with the...


Superman, make some room for Shazam

The casting does justice to a strong script. Zachary Levi is a perfect fit for Shazam, as he ably channels the innocence of the 14-year-old Billy into a muscular adult body with multiple superpowers


As good as a Nepali film gets

Saili is exactly what cinema should be: a piece of art. It is a feminist movie while not screaming of forced “Naari Shakti”, basically a tale of a Muna who falls in love with the wrong Madan


A snapshot of modern Nepali state

Sam Cowan helps us form a useful mosaic of the evolution of modern Nepal and Nepali nationalism, and better understand the country’s recent journey from war to peace

Biswas Baral

Punching below its weight

When the film is over, you realize it did not have much to say and was exhaustingly repetitive. Some action and comedy sequences stand out but it is not a movie that will stay with you


Horror show

The best thing about the movie is that it ends. It is a 1 hour 47 minute movie that is 1 hour too long 47 minutes too boring. It is so bad it gives a good name to every other movie out there.


The search for meaning and identity

Bhutto seems to have given a lot of thought to her characters and their stories, besides minutely chronicling their eventual foray into radicalism


Another Bachchan masterclass

This touch over two-hour dare-not-blink movie will hook you in right at the start, then take you down a roller-coaster murder-mystery storyline, before landing in a shocking dénouement


The trendsetter of Maharajgunj

Eating Out at Indreni Foodland (Photo: Pritam Chhetri)


Kartik-Kriti duo pulls off a rom-com coup

The story peddles a host of other societal issues like misogyny, gender inequality, caste bias and moral policing, all of which get a funny treatment. And the story couldn’t be easier to follow


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