Good plot wasted: A book review

There is absolutely no suspense. Things are exactly how they appear to be. Even the twist in the end—which you see coming—does nothing to salvage the story

Keyur Basnet

404: A hidden indie gem

With only a handful of recognizable faces and the rest of the cast newcomers and debutants, the filmmakers capitalize on their skills and ingenuity

Sunny Mahat

Jason Statham battles a gigantic shark: A movie review

The film’s special effects and CGI are top-notch, and go well with an evenly paced script and disciplined direction

Sunny Mahat

Never felt sadder: A book review

At 700-odd pages, the masterpiece is a long read. But the character-driven book will consume you, and when you get to the end, you will want to hug the book and sob your heart out

Keyur Basnet

All-New Suzuki Gixxer: Still enticing

Although the Rs 3.24 lakh price tag makes it the most expensive of the lot, the Gixxer facelift is so much more fun and contemporary than its rivals, making it an enticing proposition

Ankit Shakya, Nepal Drives

Ginny Weds Sunny: A ‘time-pass’ Bollywood rom-com

The story of Ginny Weds Sunny is as predictable as a Bollywood romantic comedy can be. In fact, most dialogues and plot changes are also predictable

Sunny Mahat

Why I read the Bhagavad Gita

As a kid, I was fascinated by that particular slightly oily copy of the Bhagavad Gita that seemed to hold the universe’s secrets within its pages

Keyur Basnet

Of desires and dreams: A book review

Rather, these are stories that make you think—about women who have kept quiet for far too long and all the sacrifices they are forced to make, for their families, in the name of religion, and simply because they are women

Keyur Basnet

‘Serious Men’ tackles serious social stigmas

The Hindi comedy-drama skillfully touches caste divide, economic disparity, proselytism, political interference in common man’s life, and the burden of education on today’s children

Sunny Mahat

Movie review: A cup of improvised chai you’ll probably...

Two women battle harassment, sexism, patriarchy, and their own conflicted selves in this coming-of-age film

Sunny Mahat

Essential discussion on depression

As filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, one would think her fairly privileged lifestyle would warrant a happy life

Keyur Basnet

Movie review: Move aside Sherlock, Enola is in town

This is the time for young Enola Holmes to show her prowess and establish herself as an independent woman

Sunny Mahat

Lovely little tale

Applegate’s incredible story is inspired by a real-life gorilla named Ivan who lives in Zoo Atlanta

Keyur Basnet

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