Neglect of fiscal commission puts Nepal’s federal project...

The federal government, which has been charged with reluctance to delegate rights and resources to provincial and central governments, seems to be in no hurry to adequately empower the commission

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

PM Modi himself oversees Nepal policy

Interview with ex-India envoy Deep Kumar Upadhyay


Who lost ‘Nipple’?

One of the central planets, the US, seems to be in ‘retrograde motion’ all of a sudden and hardly anyone has taken notice (PHOTO: RSS)

Trailokya Raj Aryal

The narrative of the loanable fund crisis or credit...

Pushpa Raj Acharya of the Annapurna Media Network caught up with Geert Almekinders, IMF mission chief for Nepal.

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Interview with Anne-Marie Gulde, Deputy Director of...

Elevated near-term growth will likely put substantial pressure on Nepali economy


Politicization of humanitarian aid

The government needs to introduce clear legal provisions to regulate rescue and rehabilitation processes so that genuine victims can get humanitarian support promptly

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Seven, including tourism minister Adhikari, die in...

All seven passengers aboard the Air Dynasty helicopter that went missing in Taplejung on Wednesday afternoon have been confirmed dead.


Legal issues related to the cross-border rails in Nepal

For Nepal, the challenge is to achieve connectivity with international allies without the “Indianization” or “Chinisation” of Nepal

Dr. Bipin Adhikari and Bidushi Adhikari

How 55 Nepali business elites, defying their country’s...

In spite of the Act Restricting Investment Abroad, at least 55 Nepalis are found to have invested in foreign countries. Among those violating the law are professor, doctor, former MP, political leaders and names unheard of.

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal

How Nepali companies have used FDI to whitewash dirty...

Nepali business people set up companies in Nepal, transfer their illegally earned money to offshore companies set up in tax haven countries and repatriate it to Nepal under foreign direct investment (FDI), a months-long investigation has revealed.

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal

How illegal funds are channeled into Nepal in the name...

An expose of massive operations in which business people funnel illegal income through tax haven countries and repatriate the wealth into Nepal as Foreign Direct Investment. An exclusive report about the source countries for these funds and people behind...

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal

The Nepalis who deposited their suspicious wealth in...

An expose of how Nepalis have transferred ‘suspicious wealth’ in Swiss banks, with even foreigners depositing money in Swiss banks using Nepali passport.

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal

CIJ Nepal Editorial: NepaLeaks 2019

Nepal’s Largest-Ever Leaks On Illegal Wealth Shows 55 Nepali Business People Laundered Billions Of Dollars Across Several Countries

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal

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