Dr Rajesh Pradhanang obituary: A socially responsible...

To spread awareness about the benefits of homeopathy, Pradhanang started to write columns for newspapers

Pratik Ghimire

Dr. Subash Lohani obituary: A spiritual neurosurgeon

In his time at the medical school, he met Dr Upendra Devkota, the man who pioneered neurosurgery in Nepal, and an inspired Lohani was determined to follow in his footsteps

Priyanjali Karn

Ram Prasad Banjade obituary: The popular Maoist leader

Apart from his party members and friends, even his political opponents and the people of Rupandehi loved their down-to-earth leader

Pratik Ghimire

Janak Lal Vaidya obituary: The first PhD in Nepal Bhasa...

A lover of literature and history, Vaidya researched literary works of Malla kings and queens

Priyanjali Karn

Vijay Bajimaya obituary: Legendary litterateur from...

Being confined to a wheelchair didn’t stop his literary progression, nor did it stop him from making the most of his political, social, and business life

Pratik Ghimire

Bhairav Prasad Lamsal obituary: The anti-corruption...

The Lamsal commission was tasked with combing through property details of almost 42,000 government officials. Among those, the commission found the details of about 600 officials suspicious

Priyanjali Karn

Obituary | Badrinath Shrestha: A thorough democrat

A member of one of the most popular families of Dharan and a close relative of Ganesh Man Singh, Shrestha took part in all democratic movements of his time


Obituary | Ramesh Maharjan: Gem of a businessman

With an eye for beautiful gems, Maharjan spent eight years abroad, learning and exploring the manufacture, refining, and selling of diamonds

Priyanjali Karn

Obituary | Laba Khatri: A footballer through and through

Khatri believed refereeing was a thankless job. But he acknowledged that it taught him loyalty and dedication

Priyanjali Karn

Obituary | Gadulman Rai: The repository of Kirati culture

In addition to writing school textbooks in Chamling language, Gadulman Rai also translated textbooks in other languages into Chamling

Priyanjali Karn

Obituary | Ramesh KC ‘Mattare’: A life dedicated to...

He had taken up acting at a time actors had to spend their own money on the roles they played


Obituary | Rukma Shumsher Rana: A cosmopolitan businessman...

To him, family’s happiness was the benchmark of success. That was the reason he considered his time away from home as a sacrifice

Kumudini Pant

Shobhana Gurung obituary: Combining business with spirituality

Gurung wanted to establish a meditation center to help people living in the chaotic capital city

Pratik Ghimire

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