My Vision for Nepal | The youth takes leadership in...

Dr. Nishchal N. Pandey is among Nepal’s most-sought foreign policy analysts | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Dr. Nishchal N. Pandey

My Vision for Nepal | Create a casteless and classless...

Shanta Nepali is a reknowned filmmaker and journalist as well as a Dalit rights activist | Photo: Vijay Bhandari

Shanta Nepali

My Vision for Nepal | Each citizen’s adequate access...

Dr Anup Bastola is director of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital and has served on the frontline of Nepal’s anti-covid initiative | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Dr. Anup Bastola

My Vision for Nepal | Establish towns in the mountains

Greta Rana is a celebrated poet, novelist and translator. Her books include Hostage, Ghost in the bamboo, etc.

Greta Rana

My Vision for Nepal | A complete transformation of...

Sujeev Shakya is a celebrated author and entrepreneur. His books include Unleashing Nepal and Unleashing the Vajra | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Sujeev Shakya

My Vision for Nepal | Have a multi-sectoral approach...

Abhaya Subba is a singer and songwriter and front-woman of the band Abhaya & The Steam Engines

Abhaya Subba

My Vision for Nepal | Copy best international practices...

Amar Neupane is a Madan Puraskar winning Nepali novelist | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Amar Neupane

My Vision for Nepal | Get more youths into science...

Dr. Tista Prasai Joshi is an award-winning environmental scientist currently at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Dr. Tista Prasai Joshi

My Vision for Nepal | Nepal as a self-confident, educated,...

Bipin Adhikari is a public intellectual and an expert in constitutional law | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Bipin Adhikari

My Vision for Nepal | Create gender-friendly spaces...

Malvika Subba is a renowned media personality, TV host, and trainer

Malvika Subba

My Vision for Nepal | Make Nepal an enterprising nation

Sixit Bhatta is among Nepal’s leading entrepreneurs and co-founder and CEO of Tootle, a ride-sharing app | Pratik Rayamajhi

Sixit Bhatta

My Vision for Nepal | Make Nepal self-reliant on key...

Bimala BK is a Dalit right activist, an MP from CPN-UML in the federal lower house and ex-State Minister | Pratik Rayamajhi

Bimala BK

My Vision for Nepal | Establish a country all Nepalis...

CK Lal is a celebrated political analyst and public intellectual

CK Lal

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