ApEx Series | Women in stock market: The more the merrier

Around 25 percent of all investors in the primary market are women while the corresponding ratio is 15 percent in the secondary market. Even though the number is much smaller compared to men, it has been on the rise | Photo: Getty Images

Pratik Ghimire

ApEx Series | The vicissitudes of Nepali stock market

Any bull run, although considered the most conducive time to invest and make money, is invariably accompanied by ‘corrections’

Sunny Mahat

ApEx Series | ​​Digitization: Need for constant improvement

NEPSE is often blamed whenever there is a problem in the system, but there is more to the story than meets the eye | Getty Images

Sunny Mahat

ApEx Series | Of the beginning of NEPSE and its bears...

From having to visit the exchange center and then the brokers to fill out buy and sell orders and wait for weeks for confirmation, the share market now processes all transactions within hours

Sunny Mahat

Hide and seek with power

Considered a ‘sharp horse’ the palace maintained a calculated distance with Tulsi Giri. King Birendra forced him to resign as member of the Rastriya Panchayat, and later appointed him a political adviser. In 1975, Giri became prime minister again

Hari Bahadur Thapa

A colorful persona

Among Tulsi Giri’s interests were palaces, cars, cameras, watches and women. When he did not occupy a political post, he used to actively deal in vintage cars and old Rana palaces

Hari Bahadur Thapa

The perpetual search for greener pastures

A shift in labor diplomacy has become necessary as unskilled labor migration, and the national economy it sustains, can be disrupted at any time, due to many factors outside Nepal’s control

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

A horse and a donkey

According to an assessment made public by Rewati Raman Khanal, former chief secretary of the Narayanhiti Palace, “Dr. Tulsi Giri is a sharp Arabian horse. It will take you to your destination. It recognizes the riders, but can cause them to fall if it...

Hari Bahadur Thapa

‘Mother’ of Panchayat system

Throughout the Panchayat reign, Tulsi Giri was considered a leading figure of the illiberal camp—even though the palace used him at times to further its own interests, and left no stone unturned at other times to destroy him | Photo amazon.com

Hari Bahadur Thapa

Two Himalayan lands

India considers both Nepal and Bhutan as being within its exclusive sphere. Nepal’s case is different as it has started adopting a balanced approach to India and China, and has been reaping maximum benefits from China’s growth | Photo: Forbes

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Comrades turned conspirators

The veteran politician duo of the Panchayat regime, Giri and Thapa lived in BP’s home—and slept in the same room—until BP became prime minister in May 1959. Both had already assumed the role of the Nepali Congress General Secretary | PHOTO: jfklibrary.org

Hari Bahadur Thapa

Yogi breathes his last

The Panchayat regime apprehended Naraharinath on the sly and drove him on a government vehicle to the other side of the border through the Bhairahawa customs point. He was forced into exile to India | PHOTO: YouTube

Hari Bahadur Thapa

Emblems of missed opportunities for Nepal

In his 2004 book Pakistan Islamisation, Army and Foreign Policy, Bidanda M Chengappa, Associate Professor of International Relations at Christ University in Bangalore, writes, “Pakistan’s foreign policy towards Nepal has evolved over the five decades,...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

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